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Testimonies of Guardian Angels A kiss

Testimonies of Guardian Angels A kiss among the tears experiences

Testimonies of Guardian Angels A kiss : my dear, dear Sara, today I have been sad, owing to a quarrel with my husband; there have been so many, and maybe there will be others, because I don’t feel at ease in this town where I live, to distract my mind a bit and to make myself be caressed in a symbolic way, I took at look at your site, and I let myself be cuddled by the experiences with Angels.

I’ve just got to tell you about mine.

One of those days during which I had quarrelled with my husband, a terrible quarrel, brought me into a state of anxiety. I cried a lot, really so much, that I had no more strength. My husband advised me to have a rest and so I did.

At 3.30p.m. I remember it well, I head the door open (consider that I live in a house with two floors.) I was still in bed, and I was facing the window, so I couldn’t see the entrance of our bedroom. Suddenly I felt the mattress near my hip, bend as if someone had sat down on it, and then I felt a kiss on my right hand cheek. I pretended I didn’t notice or feel anything. Then I heard the door open again, and I opened my eyes, and I smiled a bit.

That evening my husband came back home, and being already happy, I looked at him, and I said: “Anyway I want you to know that I appreciated what you did a lot. Thank you.” My husband being confused, said: “Thank you for what?” and I replied. “I heard you come in at 3.30 pm and you kissed me.” and my husband went: “You’re joking!!!!! At that time I was busy with at least three costumers, believe me I didn’t come home!!!”

Now after some time I know who came to dry my tears, and to comfort me

Thank you, Giulia

Testimonies of Guardian Angels A kiss among the tears experiences

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