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Testimonies of Angels the answer in the words

Testimonies of Angels the answer in the words of the song experiences

Testimonies of Angels the answer in the words of the song : dear Sara, I want to tell you something really nice that has happened to me, the answers of Angels in the words of the song, this is my testimonial, my experience and by now trying to have contacts with my Angel X is going on for a long time, and I have to say that there are always good results!.

About four months ago I was in my car, and I was in a row, I was admiring the sky as I often do, and I was thinking how wonderful that sunset was, and I was wondering how people didn’t see God and Jesus as the creators of this beauty, I thank God and Jesus for these gifts, and just then a song of a CD that I didn’t hear for a long time went on, it’s this one http//www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vJEfU4qCmM.

I thought “wow!, it seems on purpose, I was admiring the sky, and I thanking God, and the song is called BLESSED TO BE A WITNESS, I had considered it like a sort of sign, lets say, thank you for believing although you don’t see, I read the words, and in fact it was about these sort of things, and I felt a great emotion but I didn’t understand what Corcovado meant, I got home, and looked on the Internet and Corcovado is the mountain on which there’s the huge Christ at Rio de Janiero, WOWWWWWWWWWWW, what a lovely thing!!!!!.

This is the link of the song with the translation because it’s great.


I must say, the singer’s great too.

Anyway that‘s not all, you must know that sometimes, when I’m desperate, and I need to speak aloud with my Angel, with God, with Jesus, with Our Lady, in other words I question al of them in Heaven completely, I got in my car, and I drive under a a bridge near my house where it’s very dark and there’s not much traffic; like the other day, as usual, I cry to release tension.

Before getting at the end I’ve got to tell you another thing: about three weeks ago I had a dream: I was scratching a scratchcard, and I won € 1104. Wow! I don’t believe everything, I thought, “I’ll go and bet, but anyway I know those numbers won’t be drawn, I’m really a looser", and then I’m sure that this is a message, in fact the numbers have never been drawn.

The other evening I went under that bridge to cry and release tension, saying that I feel useless, that whatever I do, doesn’t pay off, that I really feel down, because you can’t feel bad if around you things get on rather well, let’s say that I loathed myself because of my laziness, and of my indolence to life; I asked God to help me find a way to solve some important questions, but as usual I asked Him to not let me see nor hear anything, because I’m too scary, and I’d get a heart attack. In the mean time I was listening to this song, I had found this CD, as a sort of thinking, to have reminded me that I’m never alone.

The following day I went to fetch my daughter at her nursery school, and I parked opposite in my car, because I got there a bit early, I switched this same song on, and I wondered why I was looking at the stereo, and I noticed the song was ending. I was going to switch in on again but I let it finish, and the song ended at 04 and11 minutes, isn’t that wonderful???????????.

What have I still to ask for????, I’m happy about these signs, I’m happy not to neglect even the slightest detail of this great relationship that’s emerging!, how nice and then, if you read the words he answered me just like this.


So much suffering and grief

I won’t live in vane

Like the good answers never asked for

That how’s wisdom lavished on the past

I go only in the Grace of God.”

Just what I was talking about, well, can Love be so great?, I’m still too ignorant to understand this Love, the weight of my flesh obscures me, many wonderful aspects even of this life, I’m very very ignorant, and I’m sorry about that, but I know that they understand that OVER THERE, and they help me see beyond these eyes, and you with your site have opened many doors for many people, but this matter regards my father too, and what that boy wrote, it seems as if it had been written by me; thank you Sara for all the time you devote to everyone, you’re GREAT!!!!!!!!, accept this compliment as a warm and strong embrace from the person who loves you more!!!.

Testimonies of Angels the answer in the words of the song experiences are phrases from Felicita

Testimonies of Angels the answer in the words of the song

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