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Love for Angels my sweet Angel

Love for Angels my sweet Angel in my Angel’s Embracement

Love for Angels my sweet Angel : sweet Sara, it’s been some time that my sweet Angel is prompting me to write to you; a fantastic present that he gave me, and seeing that He insists, now I’m going to tell you about it.

My love for Angels dates back to a long time ago, maybe to always, and about ten years ago, my husband was away abroad on his job, and I was at home with two little children to raise.

I felt ever so lonely. I went on reading my books on Angels, and I was looking for a contact, a help for my mood that was going on for a while.

One evening I was in bed and as usual I was speaking with Him, my Angel, asking Him to help me, to give me a sign that would have encouraged me, and I was still awake I perfectly remember that, but I was almost falling asleep, so my mind was slowly relaxing from my many thoughts… Suddenly I felt someone cuddle me, and leave for what seemed a journey, at a breakneck, undescribable speed. It seemed as if I were travelling in a tunnel, but the thing that surprised me most was how I was feeling. I was curled up in my bed, in that close embrace, and I was happy. I was peaceful. I had forgotten about my worries. The only thing that existed was that instant that I was living, and that I didn’t want to end, and moreover I felt someone loved me, Such a great love making me feel in Heaven. Sara, I can’t describe what I felt, but I hope I have conveyed my feelings to you and to the readers.

At the end of that journey, which ended suddenly, I opened my eyes, and I thanked my Angel.

This is a thing I’ll remember, and that I’ll keep in my heart, after ten years it made me get to know you Sara, as so, I’m sure, through you I could have a contact with Him at last, and so we’ll love one another for ever.


Love for Angels my sweet Angel in my Angel’s Embracement

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