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Ask my Angel My First Steps towards the Angel

Ask my Angel My First Steps towards the Angel confirmation her name

Ask my Angel My First Steps towards the Angel : dear Sara, please grant me this friendly approach, I ask my Angel, those are my first steps towards the Angel, you know, although we don’t know each other, but after several months having visited your site; it seems as if I know you even through other people’s stories; my name’s Michela and “by chance”, but nothing occurs by chance, around about November 2009, I ended up on your site, I was on the Internet searching for an inspiration on Angels to compose a poem for a dear friend of mine’s daughter whose name is Angelica, and at this point there’s a reason, but I’ll tell you another time, besides your experience, I read several testimonies, among which Umberto’s that tells the story from the book “Conversation with Angels”, of the manager and of number 4 4 4, of how his friends were chosen, or better still “united” by this number that occurred to him too, having to do with Angels.

Having already tried the coincidences, I read “Celestino’s Prophecy” ten years ago, and I have just read it again. I really wanted to contact my Angel, so I followed your advise trying to ask Him to solve a little daily problem: to not get late to my office, because that makes me leave my office later when I finish; unlike what happened to you in the car park, I didn’t notice any improvement, and that made me nervous, and even go berserk, thinking and saying that anyway it was all nonsense.

On that same day, while I was going back home from the office during my lunch break, I was in my car, and I noticed the registration plate on the car in front of me XX 444 XX, incredible, I burst out crying because I was happy, and because I felt shy to have had bad thoughts, this event gave me so much emotion that I immediately told my husband about it , I thought he was going to think I was mad, but instead he was stunned too.

The following step was to ask my Angel to tell me his name, it was nearly Christmas, and in my office I was writing a credit note, I must admit that my colleagues write them too, among mine I find 444, being excited I looked at the client’s name at once, and I saw her name is LA SELLxxxx” from X, Mariella, I thought “it can’t be, it must be Sally – short for SELLxxxx – I think that’s a name better for an Angel. I thought I’d have got a confirmation maybe through the radio with Vasco’s song.

But the following days two things happened, 1) like every year there’s a Mass at the Firm where I work, everyone sitting down during the celebration. Suddenly my colleague Mariella stands up and runs towards the offices, 2) my mother phoned me for the final preparations for Christmas, and told me that a lady called Mariella and so on, I didn’t understand yet, but then I connected the various things.

As if that wasn’t enough, later, although I was convinced anyway that the name was Mariella, and I was calling Her Mariella, I went to the hairdresser, and while waiting I started playing with my phone, the games end up with game over with the score – guess – 444 just in the same instance the hairdresser was saying the name Mariella, asking a customer to sit down, I’m always very stunned, and I fell great emotions.

Unfortunately it’s a feeling that doesn’t last long, at the end of January I went having some bad times, because of my chronic and incurable illness, that make me have a lot of continuous abdominal pains, so I mistrusted and was desperate. I couldn’t hear my Angel but fortunately I was going to go on a little holiday in Trentino; there I met some fantastic people with whom I immediately got on well, who I felt immediately near to me, and that owing to them I had a special holiday, that regenerated me physically and spiritually, I really think that has been a present from my fantastic Mariella who had wanted to leave a trace of Hers.

I’ll explain, together with one of the hotel guides we did some snowshoeing, having heard me speak about Angels, he said to me, “I’ll show you my Angel later”.

When we reached an open space, he asked us to stand with our arms spread out telling us to fall backwards, when we stood up again, we saw that our shapes looked like an Angel on the snow, I really enjoyed it but there ‘s more to that. In the evening my husband, who took some photos, one of me in the snow, and only one of the shape, while dining, being moved told me that he looked at the digital photos, and there was only the one of the shape, that is, my Angel Mariella’s one, the one with my lying on the snow hadn’t turn out, instead you read “File error”.


Forgive me for having been dwelled, but I really wanted to write about everything that happened to me, to tell the truth, every day there’s something new, but I’ll tell you another time.

A hug to all of those who’ll read my letter.

Ask my Angel My First Steps towards the Angel confirmation her name are phrases from Michela

Ask my Angel My First Steps towards the Angel confirmation her name

Ask my Angel My First Steps towards the Angel

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