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Angels exist In my Angel's Arms witness

Angels exist In my Angel’s Arms witness awareness testimonies of Angels

ngels exist In my Angel’s Arms witness : hi Sara, as I have already written, I have always felt a presence by my side, but I had my first, real contact eighteen months ago, a few days after my 42nd birthday; tt was in Summer, and I was at home. It was very hot, and I couldn’t get to sleep, so I went into the sitting room to try to sleep on the settee, so I was alone, because my husband was sleeping in our bedroom.

Even there I couldn’t get to sleep, and I was particularly restless. After some time I started to have a strong sensation of a presence, I heard some noise as if someone was moving among the furniture, and thinking it over, it was like the sound of flapping wings, I even saw a little light, maybe green, I can’t remember well, and then a strange thing. Suddenly the television light which was on standby turned from red to yellow as if it was turning on. A minute later a very strong energy got into my body from my feet up to my head very violently, and I found myself being taken to my bedroom, and put to bed, but without my feet touching the floor, and clearly feeling a hand guiding the back of my head.

I can’t say how long it took, but I was put gently on my bed, and I’m sure about that, because I heard the sound of the mattress when you lie down on it, and my husband’s breathing while he was sleeping, but immediately (As I said, I don’t know how long that went on) I found myself on the settee, and I immediately fell asleep.

Thinking about this experience, it seemed to me that my being worried depended on the need to feel someone next to me, caring for me, someone who’d make me feel protected. This is what I expect from my husband, but my Angel wanted to show me, that He takes care and protects me too.

Angels exist, and having this awareness is wonderful, because you really feel protected and guided, I’m really peaceful and this experience, and awareness has changed my life, and my relationship with my children, because I know that I’m not alone leading them in life.


Angels exist In my Angel’s Arms witness and awareness testimonies of Angels

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