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I dreamt Jesus Christ He told me

I dreamt Jesus Christ He told me about marriage and spiritual life

I dreamt Jesus Christ He told me : dear Sara, I had a dream, I dreamt Jesus Christ, He told me, told me about marriage and spiritual life, know Sara, I’m sure that Heaven will witness this, it happened to me 31 years ago, with a friend of mine; we were 24 years old, and at that time we felt old without a boyfriend, our friends all married or engaged, so seeing that we didn’t have handsome and honest admirers, we went for all the month of May in 1976 to Church to tell the Rosary, owing to the fact that the Mass after the Rosary ended late, at home we were told off, but we didn’t reply, we offered Our Lady the shouting off we got too.

In January 1977 I met my husband, handsome, blond, blue eyes, tall, of a good family, a serious and honest worker, I really wanted him to be like that and after a few months may friend met a black haired fellow too, she didn’t like blond, handsome catholic ones like mine, serious, an honest worker, good.

We are each others bride’s maid and best man, owing to the fact that I got married in 1979, and my friend in 1980 and after 31 years we found out that Mary has sent the right men for us, I always say to my husband “our Lady has chosen you, because your mother always recommended you to Her, and the first She thought of when I asked Her for a husband, was you, so it’s useless to moan about my defects.

I feel I have to go on having confidence and pray, you know, the day before my 25th wedding anniversary I dreamt Jesus, handsome, with a little boy about six years old who had a book, the little boy was reading, but Jesus was the one who was speaking; he told me many things about my marriage, even funny and joyful things but when I woke up I only remembered the concepts, the peacefulness, the joy, Jesus’splendour, but not the exact words, I wanted to stay in the wellness of His presence and His word, but time ending up, I started to feel cold, and I woke up, disappointed in my bed, I told many people about these things, but only a few believe them.

Dear Sara I feel you are my friend, and it seems that I know you and I love you ever since, practically Jesus Christ spoke about how complicated marriage is, mostly because humans pay little attention, and have thousands of defects but marriage was designed to bring up the offspring, which is a gift of God and so considering it a bit funny, the defects of both, a family must keep together, one must forgive spills, like weaknesses of the human soul and children derive nourishment for their spiritual life from two happy parents who demonstrate in practice that if difficulties are faced together, they’ll be overcome; those are the concepts, but I didn’t remember, when waking up the specific so enlightening, and sweet words, not known on Earth, only the concept.

I dreamt Jesus Christ He told me about marriage and spiritual life are phrases from Gabry

I dreamt Jesus Christ He told me about marriage and spiritual life

I dreamt Jesus Christ He told me

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