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Musical Answers Angels coincidences

Musical Answers Angels coincidences music testimonies of Angels

Musical Answers Angels coincidences : good morning dear Sara Luce, today I tel you about Angels and musical answers, a few days ago I sent you a mail, it was a rather dull day of me, I’m facing a difficult period of my marriage; let’s say I’m trying to understand what to do with this love, my husband and I can’t communicate to each other!

Anyway besides that, I’ve been asking my Angel Massimo for days, you told me that that was his name, although it wasn’t the name I expected or imagined for an Angel, to help me understand, to understand if it means still staying together or if it means grow with love, in short something a bit convoluted, but He knew it.

Anyway, while I got lots of paranoia, I realized that I didn’t think of nice things, and that my Angel didn’t maybe like these thoughts, I should ìn0t have had these doubts and uncertainties, and then I started thinking that maybe after all my Angel could even not stand me, why should He have considered me to be nice if I don’t communicate Love?, if you go on giving, aren’t you supposed to become better?, and so on.

Well anyway, I got into my car, and at first there was a song about marriage, communicating, about how well you feel if two people love one another, and then I wondered “Massimo what are you trying to tell me, shall I stay with him or not?”, but I didn’t understand, and I went back thinking that He wouldn’t have answered me, because my thought of leaving my husband wasn’t a Christian one, and He didn’t agree with it, and He didn’t like me anymore for that reason, and that He couldn’t love me if I went on having those non Christian thoughts.

Well, at that point a song starts saying that He’s in my frequency, that he listens to me when I speak, and that He thinks I’m great, and that He likes to listen to me, and thousands of other things.

I can’t explain, I felt a shiver as if Massimo was really saying these things to me, as if this song was just for me, then maybe I dared a bit, I concentrated on thinking “Massimo was it you?, was this song for me’ It can’t be. It’s my imagination!, did you want to tell me your were here?, and those words; if it’s so, make the speaker on the radio say your name, guess, He said it; He said, after a short while, and speaking about something else obviously, He said “AL MASSIMO until tomorrow”, al Massimo in Italian means at the utmost, he said it anyway, well, I started to cry like a little twit; these coincidences meant a lot to me, I heard it, I was so happy, but unfortunately there was nobody to tell this great joy of mine to, my Massimo, who’s name is really Massimo, is always near me, what bliss!

So I’m telling you about it.

Musical Answers Angels coincidences music testimonies of Angels are phrases from Stefania

Musical Answers Angels coincidences music testimonies of Angels

Musical Answers Angels coincidences

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