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Communication Line with My Angel

Communication Line with My Angel testimonies of Guardian Angels

Communication Line with My Angel : 17th May 2010 Monday, my verbal and cerebral contacts with my Guardian Angel have immediate replies, a ommunication line with my Angel, it seems impossible, but it’s true.

Yesterday, Sunday I stated being aware of the replies for the first time.

The trivial, but lawful question was, “is your name Andrew?”, it was as if I heard this name inside me.

Simon and I decided to go to Venice for a Sunday trip, to Torcello.

We took a taxi, very expensive.

When we got there I asked for the taxi driver’s phone number in case we needed it.

We walked away. Suddenly I turned back and said “excuse me what’s your name?”

He said “Andrew.


We got back to Torcello by boat steamer, we went down into new Fondamente.

We went on foot, I was curious about a little, nice church.

We went in, we discovered it was sumptuous and shiny.

I was attracted by the right hand side, only on the right, and nowhere else, only on the right.

A statue of Saint Andrew lying on the bottom, and above an enormous picture of a Guardian Angel, and Angels leading Souls.

I have never noticed affrescos or pictures of only Angels, but of Saints or of Our Lady or of Jesus.


This fills me with Love!!

It’s a lovely game, that’s how I consider it.

I hope my Guardian Angel doesn’t mind.

It’s as if there someone had established a contact, a sort of communication line

I felt as if I had got a lot of thing to tell myself.

I’m at a certain point of my life, and so it’s better for me to know that I’d better start going on in the right direction for the reason of my being on Earth; I can’t waste time, and She’s interacting with me to help me or perhaps it’s only because I’m ready at last, I’m less afraid of the unknown and the obscure.

With pleasure I go on reading about Angels, a site I found by chance in the Internet, yours dear Sara Luce, has opened up my heart. Last Friday morning with my iPhone, I knew, I felt I was on the right path.

The hard path is asking, but I see it’s possible, although enormous guilty feelings of a life full of sins, puts barriers in front of you, but I understand that there can be a remedy, and so I dare!!!!.

I spent a wonderful peaceful, weekend full of love, a love that I feel inside of me, peace, undescribable inner peace.

17 May 2010 Monday in the evening.

It was in the evening, but soon I laid down wanting to start reading about Angels again.

I found many interesting things and witnesses that help me be more pushing.

I encouraged myself, and I asked my Angel if she’d show me Her eyes, if She’d take me with Her, and confirm Her name, Andrea.

I read stories about common people for a bit, people with great griefs or everyday sorrow, people who found consolation or even awareness of the fact that there’s an Angel protecting us, consoling us, who staying with us, who gives us hope when we need it, who gives us strength when we need it, and every word I read gave me the creeps.

They weren’t writers, they weren’t priests, but people, normal people like me who tried to transmit their experiences, emotions, feelings that often have changed their lives.

At the moment my tears are of joy and sadness, but not of grief or desperation.

I become more and more aware of myself.

An article teaches, I read, I feel I’m not ready yet, the words are simple, but I don’t understand their meaning yet.

Immediately I’m told to stop. It’s exactly written, that’s enough for now, think it over for now.

I felt sleepy, but I must admit that inside of me, there was a slight fear of something that was still with me.

I left the light on.

My eyes were closed strongly, I was lying on my left side.

I felt as if someone got hold of me, better still, I felt as is I was being sort of sucked towards the window, I felt wrapped up, and in the meantime my body stretched to the window.

I was afraid, but anyway I tried to open my eyes

I knew what it was, but for fear, I’d have wanted to stop.

I felt a hand softly on my eyes, and she told me to not be afraid.

They aren’t real words, real hands, but I felt it all. I felt the hand and the voice inside of me.

I think the exit is through the window, I knew I was floating in the air, in speed, but I felt as if I were in a complete hug.

I couldn’t see anything outside, because I was concentrated on my Angel, I was afraid to turn my head, but I did so at the end.

I saw my Angel over me, I saw Her deep blue eyes, but just for a second, while I stared more carefully at Her; her eyes changed, almost immediately, to let you understand, they went from blue into another colour, green I think, until they changed into bright silver, her eyes were shining silver, I saw an evolution of colours of Heaven in Her eyes, like as if in a film; time with clouds, the sun, and so on past at a high speed.

I wasn’t afraid anymore, I went on turning around more, and I got a more complete vision.

It was a woman, She had very black short, curly hair coming down on Her forehead, she was small, dressed in red, a ruby red, and She was wearing golden earrings.

I only asked Her, is your name Andrea?, she replied “yes”

I didn’t feel particular feelings, I didn’t feel the joy of light I felt the time I dreamt my farther, in a silent hug, I felt an everlasting joy and an undescribable happiness.

I’m with my Angel, her just opposite Her, only a few minutes to look at each other, to give me yet another demonstration, a confirmation.

I felt I was in my bed again, I was afraid, but I still felt being cuddled, still lying on my left hand side, and my Angel carefully said “how are you?”

Her voice was calm, She transmitted peacefulness, and I really let myself go, dreaming of two other male Angels, an old aged one and a young one in an hypothetical house, who do everything with my mother, my brother and other details.

When I opened my eyes, I exactly saw again every single detail of the first part of my dream.

The clock was opposite me, and I knew I was going to get a surprise, I knew it.

It was exactly midnight

Not 23 and 45 pm or 1 o’clock, no, exactly midnight

I didn’t know what that meant, but midnight makes the difference.

I think that you must accept certain signs as words, as a dialogue and so on.

I leaned on the back of the bed, and I felt my throat dry, or better, very dry, it wasn’t usual for me.

I was a bit worried, but I thanked my Angel for having made me have this experience.

But why didn’t I feel that great happiness?

Why was She dressed in red??

But most of all why did She have a sad face???

I got my IPhone and I started looking for:

Angel Andrea, obviously everything appeared, but even an article about an Angel Andrew joined with satan.

I felt it wasn’t so.

I think my Angel reassured me once again, and made me fall asleep to postpone the research.

May 18th 2010 Tuesday morning

I opened my eyes, it was 6 and 20 am

Everything reappears with every detail.

I started looking again, asking on Goggle other questions.

I got the reply, very fast.

This was the most incredible thing, I asked questions and the replies didn’t take long to come .

A theologian’s text, a priest, generally writes about Angels, but he dwells on the clothes an Angel can wear on appearing to us.

Red clothes mean a life decided by Our God for us on Earth lived in martyrdom, this applies to me, I read carefully.

I turned back in my memories, and I know my life is martyrdom, but I consider it a sweet one, because I have always lived in grief and sorrow, but with maybe courage and optimism; I have faced events since my infancy with grief and disappointment, but always looking for consolation among nice things that life has given me, and I don’t think they aren’t only a few.

From nature that gives me a lot of emotions; strength, courage, happiness, to the wonderful people I have met along my path, who have loved me, and who love me.

From my beauty that God has given me, of which I’m ever so grateful of, yes, because I have been able to feel the happiness you feel when you transmit your charm, being admired, by the power it exercises; to the happiness of having had important experiences, that have given me a lot of satisfaction.

I feel as if I have been forged by grief, by labours, by poverty, by oppression, by difficulties, and I feel that what has come out is a strong person with a solid personality.

But taking a look at my past I see all my sins too.

I exactly know when I have pleased God

If you go on reading the text, it refers to the way we present ourselves to our Angel, with our clothes torn or sad, it means that we must repent of our sins and redeem.

With patched clothes, we are on the right track and so on.

I only remember that in my dream Her clothing was red, not torn or patched but I remember well She was sad.

I get hold of my life.

I ask myself some questions.

I know I’ve asked God to forgive me, but I think that’s not enough.

My Angel wants to help me, maybe in the past She had gone away, for my taking paths that took me away from God.

But She’s here now, near me, because I called Her, I asked Her Her name, She’s giving me a chance.

I know I have to learn thousands of things, that I’m not able to make God happy about yet, but I know I’m getting at it.

I hope to see Her smile one day, and Her light wrap me up like my father did.

Communication Line with My Angel testimonies of Guardian Angels are phrases from Ivana

Communication Line with My Angel testimonies of Guardian Angels

Communication Line with My Angel

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