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Existence Angels A Precious Remembrance

Existence Angels A Precious Remembrance in my Heart witness Angels

Existence Angels A Precious Remembrance : dear Sara, I’m a twenty-five year old girl from Livorno Italy and while looking at the various sites on the Internet talking about a topic I like very much Angels and the spiritual dimension, I found yours; I have read the witnesses of many people who have been helped by their Angels, and it can’t be otherwise considering how they take care of us lovingly, and are with us on our path, I have had a proof of their existence when I was little.

I was in a little playground with two friends of mine, I was seven, and unconsciously we had opened a manhole to throw in some little stones. Suddenly our mothers called us, and I walked with my other two children towards our mothers.

I don’t know if it was because I didn’t pay attention or because I was in a hurry, my feet ended up just in the open manhole. Without having time to say “OH!” I felt being pulled down.

My arms were tightened on my sides, and then two hands caught hold of my arms, and made me stretch my arms on the ground in front of me.

I only had my head and my arms out of the water of the manhole, I looked carefully in front of me, and I saw a figure of a little girl wearing a white dress that looked as if it was shining on its own.

My friends were petrified, but I wasn’t strangely enough!

Seeing that kind figure was as if my heart was feeling protection, and Love that She had towards me.

Everyone of us has got an Angel, better still, I can state that it’s not only one who protects our path. How I’d love to make you understand the lots and lots of Angels of light that watch over us, and They have such a strong conception of Love that we can’t absolutely understand.

I’m having a spiritual course after years of asking about what I saw around me.

I have kept this witness in my heart, but doesn’t it make more sense speaking about it? I hope someone could read and get God’s Love for us in this mail … Thank you for reading and for you site.

Lost of love, Sabina

Existence Angels A Precious Remembrance in my Heart witness Angels

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