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Coincidences and Angels way of communication

Coincidences and Angels way of communication through coincidences

Coincidences and Angels way of communication : hi sweet Sara, today I shall tell you about Angels and coincidences, it’s been some time we have had news from one another, I’m sending you a big hug; I wanted to send you a new witness of my Angel Luciano’s sweetness.

Well, my boyfriend and I are planning our summer holidays, some days ago I read on the site of a small flat on the Gargano Italy, and we planned to go and see it this morning.

Yesterday I was a bit worried, because you know, the road’s very bendy, it offers a wonderful sight, but there’s a lot of kilometres of sharp bends overlooking the sea, I have never driven at places like that moreover I’m not very good at “handling”; I didn’t know the area very well, anyway, I was a bit anxious, so I asked my sweet Angel to help me to make things go as smooth as possible, obviously her immediate reply was to make me notice a nice 44 on the registration plate of the car in front of me, some time ago we have decided to use this way of communication.

I make arrangements with the owner of the summer house, we were going to visit the house in the morning, to eat in any restaurant, and then close the deal in the afternoon, and go back home.

We were supposed to meet the owner near a shopping centre, that I didn’t even know where it was, and all I had were summery explanations given to me on the phone, and still summery directions from the web.

Yesterday I was on charge at hospital with a specialist tutor and a professional nurse, and while we were talking, we started speaking about my adventure that was going to start the next day, and this is what they said.

The doctor, “are you going to eat there?, I suggest the restaurant “il Trabucco”, I’ve got it’s phone number, here you are, book now, it’s very nice”.

The nurse, “I know Vieste very well!” and she gives me simple and detailed directions about how to get around and how to get to the shopping centre.

Isn’t that incredible, but that’s not all, on my way back home that evening, I stated singing like an idiot in my car to thank my Angel I mean, playing with Him, I started to sing, in a very very out of key and mad way, all the songs I know that have the words “I love you”, dedicating them to Him.

The strange thing is that all the time I sung, out of key, there were 44 everywhere, two on the speedometer, various on the registrations plates that were around me, on the clock, everywhere, I felt as I was singing a duet with Him, and how much Love I felt floating between our Souls, what a great time it was.

It’s useless to say that today everything went on well, the only instant we were getting lost, looking for the Trabucco, by “chance” we decided to phone the owner to plan better our afternoon meeting, and seeing that he knew the Gargano well, he directed us to the restaurant, just two kilometres before an important crossroad that we’d have surely missed without his directions.

Anyway, my Luciano never denies me, God, how I love Him.

Sara, a big, strong hug, and I’m sending you the love my hearts feels for you, can you feel it?

A sweet kiss

Coincidences and Angels way of communication through coincidences are phrases from Nilde

Coincidences and Angels way of communication through coincidences

Coincidences and Angels way of communication

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