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Butterflies Signs of Love of Beloved Ones

Butterflies Signs of Love of our Beloved Ones Nowadays in Heaven

Butterflies Signs of Love of our Beloved Ones : hi dear Sara, since you told me I could share my experiences with you, with you all, there’s one in particular that goes on coming back to my mind, I think this from my Angel, because he wants me to tell about it; as you already know, I often dream of my beloved ones in the hereafter, who send me messages, although sometimes I don’t understand everything.

Once I dreamt of my sister-in-law (with whom I have shared a terrible illness, only that she didn’t overcome it) who told me that she’d have been near us.

What I didn’t expect was such an evident sign of her presence. I’ll tell you about it.

The year after her death, I was on holiday at my mother-in-law’s , and as every year on the 15th August we have a pick-nick on the mountains, to tell the truth we weren’t very keen on it, but then we went anyway. The person I’m writing about is my husband’s sister.

After having settling, my husband, another sister-in-law and I sat down, we were speaking, when our attention had been attracted by a group of butterflies, up to that point, there’s nothing strange. They were flying from one flower to another, but a butterfly in particular went on flying around me, until I thought: “Can it be that something’s happening??”

Seeing I had read of a similar experience, I wanted to believe it strongly, I stretched my arm as if I was going to have a bird sit on it, and I thought: “COME ON”

I knew that if would have rested on my hand, my husband who was there, wouldn’t have hesitated to do the same thing. In fact that’s what happened. It rested on my finger, I even touched the butterfly’s wing, and it didn’t move. Then it went to my husband in the same way. Guess what it did then! It went onto a glass of wine and then it flew away.

Our reaction was to say. “ IT TOASTED WITH US” I didn’t doubt that that butterfly was her, and that was her way of telling me. “I’m here, and next to you.” Only that I couldn’t tell them, they wouldn’t have understood.

This memory is always in my heart. Bye Palmina.

Bye for now Sara, I wanted to share this memory of mine with you and with who reads this site, Kisses. Grazia.

Butterflies Signs of Love of our Beloved Ones Nowadays in Heaven

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