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Appearance of an Angel A Confirmation

Appearance of an Angel A Confirmation of Heaven presence of Angels

Appearance of an Angel A Confirmation : good morning Sara, I’d like to witness the presence of Angels too; in July 2006 I was hurrying, being late, to get to my office, I was a bit down, my uncle had died a few days before, I had looked after him for six years, owing to the fact that he was a widower and didn’t have offspring.

An experience of sacrifice and discovery of great tenderness in the hearts of every member of my family. While I was travelling nearby a café a voice was telling me to stop and bet, I thought (being human) fastly, I pulled over my car and got off, as I got off a lady came up to me saying that she wanted to speak to me. I said ok, taking some time offering her a cop of cappuccino. I bet without winning, so the lady told me that I had stopped to speak with her. I let her talk, and she gave me a lot of good and bad warnings regarding my family and friends. Everything was true, to be sincere, I had felt everything already before, and I wasn’t even surprised that the lady who I didn’t even know, knew so many facts.

She told me she came twice a year to my region Umbria from Sicily, and that morning she should have been in that street, so I asked her if I could take her at least to the station. We stopped and she went on saying that a friend of mine had wished my bad luck paying with some money, and I had to give the same amount to her to change evilness into goodness. I was very calm and I told her that I recognized the gifts God had given her, but God doesn’t ask for money, and that it was wrong to manipulate something nice for other aims. I recognized that she spent money, being away from her home, and I was asking to offer her something, while we were both still and sitting in my car, suddenly on the windshield a head of an Angel on her side appeared I was the only one to see it. I remember that face, a child’s face, with a fair complexion, blond hair, instead of his shoulders he had two little wings, and he was just in the corner of the windsheld.

I consider this vision of the Angel as a confirmation that the message came from Heaven, so I said goodbye to the lady, and went to my office. I felt my body, soul and mind very light, and I WAS LIVING GOD’S Love IN PEACE.

Since then I have started a great journey with other events. So if you don’t mind, I’ll tell you every now and then. Thank you and peace to you all.


Appearance of an Angel A Confirmation of Heaven presence of Angels

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