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My Guardian Angel Wishes Drops of Love

My Guardian Angel Wishes Drops of Love that Give Happiness witness

My Guardian Angel Wishes Drops of Love : dear Sara Luce, my birthday was on June 2nd, a day before I asked my Guardian Angel to give me a little present, by a simple coincidence; I had a peaceful birthday party with my sisters, my brother, my sister-in-law, two cousins of mine and my boyfriend; my parents weren’t there with us, they had planned a trip with my uncles and aunts; all throughout the day I felt my Angel’s silent presence through my happiness.

In the evening without any sign, I took my grandma and my little cousin Mattia to my aunt’s waiting for my parents to come back too.

They came back at last, all serene. Suddenly my aunt gave me two bags with three presents in them, one for me, and the other one for my sisters. I thanked my aunt, and we went back home. My parents were taking about the trip. In the meantime I was thinking of my Angel, and I was asking Him why He hadn’t appeared on my birthday, adding to this conversation between me and my Angel that didn’t matter. I felt His presence anyway. When I got home I gave my sisters their presents, I unwrapped mine, and I put it on my bed. Owing to the fact that it was some cream and bubble bath, the shop assistant had added three little samples of perfume. I was putting the bags away, when suddenly I looked inside them, and I saw these three little samples, and among them there was a perfume ANGEL

I was very happy!!!!!!!!!! At the end of the evening my guardian Angel had gave me a sign of His presence.

Thank you, Flora

My Guardian Angel Wishes Drops of Love that Give Happiness witness

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