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Declaration of Love from an Angel

Declaration of Love from an Angel on the Radio true stories of Angels

Declaration of Love from an Angel : saraaa, something really great has just happened to me, I’ve just got to tell you about it; first of all thank you for always listening to me and answering me, I always think of you as someone special

Well then here it is… It happened five minutes ago!

I was in my car, I was speaking to my Angel, and I said. “Come on, Love say something cute to me. Don’t you feel like it?” and I switched the radio on. I was SURE that he’d have pleased me using the radio, but I was expecting, let’s say “I love you”, “Love”, “I like you”, well a little sentence I was supposed to make out of the context … But..my God, Sara, what a great present! Going from one station to another, I stopped on one with Italian music, and here are the words of the song they were sending on the air just then:

I’m sending you a kiss with the wind

And I know you’ll feel it

If you close your eyes, you’ll understand

And you’ll feel me.

I burst out laughing, between joy and emotion, thanking Him from the bottom of my heart, but isn’t that too much for me?? Do I really deserve this splendid relationship that thanks to you I have been able to create with my Luciano?? I don’t know, but I adore Him, and it’s wonderful knowing that nobody’s going to take Him away from me, no matter what happens!:)

Sara, it doesn’t matter if you don’t post this witnessing, I’m happy enough to have shared it with you, and let me know what you think about it!!:)

I love you. Luciano and I send a big hug to you and Samuele! Hoping to have some news from you


Declaration of Love from an Angel on the Radio true stories of Angels

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