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Life after death experience A Surprise

Life after death experience A Surprise Heart from My Mum

Life after death experience A Surprise : hi, Sara, yesterday I was reading Gigliola’s testimony on your site, Manuele’s mother, with those photos full of hearts; when I finished I thought “Mum, why don’t you ever send me some hearts?”

Today after lunch, while my sister was cleaning up in the kitchen, there was a bowl on the table, where we were supposed to put the strawberries that were left over after our meal. I asked my sister where she got if out of, and she told me: “From the cabinet in the hall on the right hand side.”

I went there, I opened it and I asked on what shelf It was on. I must say that this cabinet has always been my mother’s temple. It’s full of glasses, plates, saucers, little cups, and so on. It has always been an unknown world for me, there are so many things in there…

My sister didn’t remember on what shelf it was on, so I decided for myself. I took out some stuff to put the bowl back, and while moving a saucer, underneath it there was this little heart shaped bowl. I have never seen it before! I laughed, and that made me feel really happy. Coincidences don’t exist. Thank you Mum.

A big bye, Sara, bye


Life after death experience A Surprise Heart from My Mum

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