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The Guardian Angel's Name

The Guardian Angel’s Name The euphoria of the Confirmation

The Guardian Angel’s Name : my Dear Sara, I wrote to you some days ago telling you that since a long time I wish to know my little Angel’s name, who’s always present; I have told you that one morning half asleep, I heard a voice saying Simone, not being sure, I was thinking I must have misunderstood (seeing that my name’s Simonetta!) I asked you a confirmation.

Well I’ve just received it now, and I’m very excited! I’ve just got to tell you about what happened…I’ve got to share it with everyone.!

Well, July 1st my husband’s alarm clock rang. He switched it off, and gots up to go to work.

I went on sleeping, because on that day I was on the afternoon shift. After a bit I heard the alarm clock ring again without stopping…I tried to switch it off, but it was no use. The only way was to take out the batteries. I went on thinking of the time it started ringing like mad at 7:17. I went on thinking about it, and that that number must have meant something…But what?

Today I was on this site , and I took a look at all of the Messages to Humanity” dated 17/7. Nothing…So I took a look at “Groups of Prayers”. Nothing significant there either.

Well I don’t give up. I look among the stories of Angels . I look for number 7 and I count 17. What a surprise! In the 17th message there’s a man called Simone (my first surprise!) who tells us about what happened to his daughter with their house alarm that went on ringing, and that they couldn’t switch off (another surprise!). well at this point I had no doubts My marvelous little Angel called Simone! Thank you I love you so much too.

Thank you Sara, excuse me for my long story, but I had to really tell you about it.


The Guardian Angel’s Name The euphoria of the Confirmation

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