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Angel testimonies Next to Me in Hospital

Angel testimonies of Guardian Angels Next to Me in Hospital

Angel testimonies Next to Me in Hospital : it’s some time since I have known my Angel’s name, who I used to called Ambrogio, just to give him a name, seeing that he was always ready and near me; I have got a lot of things to say, but it seems that this when are explained with words loses its greatness and sacredness; it’s hard to explain feelings, experiences, and these kind of meetings with words.

A meeting I’ll never forget is the one I had with my Angel in a very sad time of my life. I was in hospital after a serious operation that gave no hope of a positive issue. The doctor had said there no hope. It was the first night after my operation, and I was suffering a lot. I was praying to God to help me overcome, because the pain threshold was very high, and I didn’t want to howl or call for the nurse. Just then a “person” radiating an overall brightness, materialized near me.

At the beginning I hadn’t realized it, and I thought it was a nurse who had heard my weak laments, but then when her hand touched my forehead without weight and with a undescribeable freshness, I understood that it couldn’t have been a nurse. And I noticed it was like the entity that’s with me during my night journeys: a very beautiful being, it seems a male, but I wouldn’t swear, even because probably it’s not so. It was very light and shiny.

While He had His hand on my forehead, He went on repeating very sweet sentences like a nursery rhyme, and was assuring me He’d have stayed there with me to help me all night long. “Don’t worry, calm down, have a rest, I’m here near you” and so on. All the pain, anxiousness, and desperation so sad for me slowly were dissolved in a feeling of cosiness, and everything started to be more tolerable and different.

I know and I feel He’s near me even if I cant’ see Him and that calms me down. Even before this experience that happened ten years ago, I felt I wasn’t alone, but He had never “touched” my Angel, as they say. I have decided to tell you about this experience, because He deserves it: He has been very patient with me, but finally He made me understand how protected I am, and in the meantime how idle I was, and how I didn’t want to understand certain things. Maybe I was afraid. Who knows!!?!

A hug to you all because speaking about it is a very strong emotion.


Angel testimonies of Guardian Angels Next to Me in Hospital

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