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Peace Joy and undescribable Love in my Grandma's greeting

Peace Joy and undescribable Love in my Grandma’s greeting

I want to tell you about my experiences with Angels, although I must say that it’s a bit hard to tell other people about these experiences.

I used to have a grandma, who I was very fond of. two years ago, she was taken into hospital for the first time, seeing that she was healthy. After being there for some days the doctor’s assured us that it was only a flu.

I used to go and see my grandma often, but I saw her getting worse. She spoke on her own, like she had never done before. She looked back on her life in a personal way … I started to worry.

On January 31st I spoke with my mother (who was at the hospital) on the phone, she told me that my grandma was well. So I went to sleep peacefully.

While I was sleeping (maybe) I had an undescribable feeling of peace, joy and love, while a beautiful azure light passed in front of me. It didn’t frighten me, but the idea of going away did, as a sort of goodbye.

The phone started to ring before I woke my husband up to tell him what had happened. My grandma was dead. I said to the voice that was telling me it: “Yes, I know.”


Title Peace Joy and undescribable Love in my Grandma’s greeting

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