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Physical Transport A particular Help

Physical Transport A particular Help From Heaven in Laura’s Witness

Physical Transport A particular Help : thank you Sara, thank you for having answered, I was waiting anxiously. I’ll follow your advise; I’d like to tell you about when I had an incredible experience about ten years ago; I was alone in Germany, and I was going to fetch a relative at the station sixty kilometres away from where I lived; as usual I said the prayer Our Father, three Hail Marys a Glory to the Father and an Angel of God because saying so I felt protected and strong, but at that moment I was confused regarding what road to drive on; I don’t know why, but I couldn’t think straight; I stopped to ask for directions, and they told me to go back, I was surprised, because I knew very well that that wasn’t the right direction; it was the only thing I was sure of; everything all started by a misunderstanding I was on a road with a double continuous line and there were two service areas on both sides; now I was supposed to turn right into the service area on my right; I just had to! BUT I turned left, and I went into the opposite service area; the man at the petrol station told me to go back, and he would have been right if I had come from the right direction; anyway, knowing where I was coming from this time at the end I went into the wrong direction!

But at a certain point, I was nearly in front of a little Church, when the road in front of me wasn’t the same I found myself at a roundabout where the traffic signals showed the way!!! I had a strange feeling, I can’t believe it either when I think about it!!! I know it’s incredible, but it’s true!!! I was shocked, and not being satisfied yet, I stopped at another petrol station, and I asked if that was the right way, and the answer was: “ Yes, straight ahead!”

I didn’t realize immediately, but then I understood that on that day I wasn’t alone in my car. My Angel was with me

How did that transportation happen?! I may seem mad to talk about it , but I assure you I’m not !

Goodnight Sara


Physical Transport A particular Help From Heaven in Laura’s Witness

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