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The Subway in Napoli Naples an Angel helps

The Subway in Napoli, Naples, an Angel helps a Girl panic-struck

The Subway in Napoli Naples an Angel helps : my dear dear Sara, hi, my testimonials regard the Subway in Napoli, Naples, an Angel helps, I’m Giovanna, thank you very much for having answered and you can’t imagine how reassuring your words are and how happy they make me feel, a part from mine that make you smile; well, I must say that my daughter is a twenty-seven year old young lady who works, she’s independent and owns a car and a motorbike, since years, ten actually, she doesn’t travel on public means of transport.

In particular, during all these years, she has never wanted to take the subway, that here in Naples Italy exist only since fifteen years ago It’s ever so fast and comfortable, but she gets particularly impressed when travelling by the subway, and so she only travels by her own means of transport; I have told you this, to make you understand what “sort” of person’s my daughter is, ok???, I’m joking obviously a part from this little phobia, she’s excellent, very good and serious, who helps me a lot with my housework and so on, you see Sara, I don’t live with her father, let’s not talk about that, ok?, she takes on all her own responsibilities, better than me sometimes, so this is what happened.

A few weeks ago I had took our car to be repaired, and so she was left on foot, it was Monday the day she sleep’s at her father’s, having her motorbike out of use, she phoned her boyfriend, asking him to take her to her father’s, but seeing that he was busy, he couldn’t come and fetch her so she was compelled to take a bus and the subway.

Please note as I was telling you, thank God, I have got back to praying and since some time I pray every evening to my Guardian Angel, hers and other people’s, owing to the fact that I firmly believe in their existence.

That evening I wasn’t at home, peaceful and I was so sure that her boyfriend would have gone to fetch her, so I didn’t worry about that, but when I phoned her to ask if she had got to her father’s, she told me she wasn’t even half way there, she explained that she had to go on her own and had to take the subway, at that point I started to panic thinking “o God, she’s going to feel ill down there”, and then thinking of the place where she was going to get the subway, I wasn’t very peaceful; I started to pray to all the Saints in Heaven including her guardian Angel, I waited a bit, and then I tried to phone her again, and she said “mum, I nearly got lost, I took the wrong entrance at the underground, and I was frightened, it was a very long endless tunnel I was practically alone for about a hundred metres, I looked for the ticket office, but I couldn’t find it so I saw the machine for the tickets, and I inserted my coin, but it kept on coming out. In the meantime I went on look around, feeling alone, I started getting anxious, then at a certain point I heard a voice, there was a little old lady very near to me, mum I don’t know where she popped out from, just a minute, I assure you she wasn’t there a second before and she said to me “you’re not supposed to insert the coin here, but there, look, up there”, I only noticed her height, mum she was very little, very short but if I were to describe her face I can’t remember, mum I didn’t even look at her face, I didn’t see it, I inserted the coin, got my ticket fast, just then I heard the subway train coming, it was a fraction of a second, I turned round and she wasn’t there anymore, I caught the subway just in time but how strange mum”, I said “It was your Guardian Angel, dear ”thanks to my prayers”.

Thank you Sara, a huge kiss to you with great affection from my Angel

The Subway in Napoli Naples an Angel helps a Girl panic-struck are phrases of Giovanna

The Subway in Napoli Naples an Angel helps a Girl panic-struck

The Subway in Napoli Naples an Angel helps

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