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Angels Coincidences and Numbers

Angels Coincidences and Numbers in the Dialogue the Guardian Angel’s Love


Angels Coincidences and Numbers : I want to thank Sara Luce for what she has done, helping me discover, my Guardian Angel; I’m getting through a hard period of my life during which many changes have occurred; on the darkest day I ended up on Sara’s site; I read her story and it made me regain hope to be able to talk to Andrea (Andrew), yes, my Guardian Angel; I was trying to find out how to do it since years, and I always was asking Him what His name was; actually he had already told me it, because I had the name Andrea in my mind since a long time, and always with Love, but I didn’t understand that it was His reply to my continuous requests, I was blind.


Now I want to tell you about a little thing Andrea wanted to offer me as a present yesterday, that made me so happy, besides there are many, but his one in particular, I promised to speak about it and his reply was my smile.


I work as a cashier in a supermarket.


I was speaking to Him for all the afternoon, saying that the customers were getting me anxious and full of tension, and that I couldn’t calm down. I was asking Him to help me to get some Love to transmit to my customers. Suddenly it happened while I was saying the price to the costumer I was helping. She was asking the following customer’s child his name … what was the result? The price was 444 and the child was called Andrea (For those who have took a look at Sara’s site, they know that 444 is bound to Angels). This was a great present Andrea decided to give me in a very particular instant of that day. (He gives me many and thanks to the advise Sara has given to all of us, now I can understand through coincidences too) What I feel is wonderful. The joy of being able to speak with Him at last, to feel him always by my side.


I’ll finish saying that I didn’t know how to start telling you all about this, but I can tell you that Andrea’s with me and He’s helping me chose the right words to tell everyone that the world’s full of Love and all you have to do is open up and SEE the people around you.


A great hug




Angels Coincidences and Numbers in the Dialogue the Guardian Angel’s Love


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