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My Guardian Angel's Voice in the Night

Guardian Angel My Guardian Angel’s Voice in the Night His Prayer

My Guardian Angel’s Voice in the Night : dear Sara Luce, I heard my Guardian Angel praying with me and it was invoking God, I’m Silvia, although we didn’t speak to one another anymore, I want to tell you that I read your site, and that I learn from the words you write down; I didn’t want to disturb you anymore because I‘m peaceful and I’m going on my path peacefully although my health is still in danger, because my problem persists; my health is better anyway, thanks to who has encouraged, and has opened new horizons for me like you have with your words and Heaven with its help; I want to tell you about my meeting my Guardian Angel two years ago.

When I was profoundly in a crisis owing to my health, I wept every time going to sleep, my pillow was full of tears, and I continuously prayed to God, my Father to help me, that happened when I discovered that after having overcome the serious operation, my situation had become tragic again.

I had prayed so much that night, without succeeding to fall sleep, and on saying yet another Our Father, feeling desperate, and I was asking God to be near me and to help me, I had abandoned all my pride as to di that, and I was there humble before Him with all my flaws and wrongs, admitting everything.

In the middle of the night, besides my prayers, suddenly a man’s voice loud and clear intervened, as if It was there next to me, it was praying with me, it was invoking God saying

“O God, my Father, help your disciple heal, hold out Your lovingly hand on her, help her”, His litany was continuous, and I was shocked; being desperate and happy at the same time, I had understood the great gift God wanted to give me, I thanked Him, and I’m still thanking Him for having heard His voice.

This is my experience, later many nice thing have happened, finding your site, and our mails, they surely haven’t come by chance, I have totally changed my view of life and although my health isn’t wonderful, I appreciate it all the same, because my body had struggled to keep it and save it, if you want you can publish it as a witnessing, that can help people believe in Guardian Angels.

A very strong hug, and many best wishes for Christmas.

Merry Christmas to you Sara Luce, and to the Group of prayers of Catania that helps so much with its heavenly intervention, best wishes to everyone.

Guardian Angel My Guardian Angel’s Voice in the Night His Prayer

My Guardian Angel’s Voice in the Night

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