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Angels Experiences with Guardian Angels

Angels Experiences with Guardian Angels the Discovery Presence Help

Angels Experiences with Guardian Angels : dear sweet Sara, every now and then I take the liberty of writing a few words to you about experiences with Guardian Angels, I often thought of writing to you about the progress of my Angel, and it’s some time since then that I want to tell you about the thing that has given me the thousandth confirmation of His presence

In February my husband has undergone an operation for his gallbladder, but after about a month he had persistent hiccups, for three days and three nights continuously, my husband was taken to the Emergency Ward, and he was told that it could have been something serious or maybe not, but anyway it was something you mustn’t underestimate; honestly, as I do since ever by now, everyday I rely on my Angel, and I asked Him to keep near us obviously, I must say that my Treasure has always given me signs of His presence, but what happened two weeks after my husband had gone into hospital made me feel safe and sure, one morning I was hurrying to the hospital to speak to the doctors, seeing that the cures didn’t make the hiccups stop, and that a few days before one of the many times I spoke to them, they told me that it could probably have been a problem of the brain, you see, after so many negative tests, they didn’t know what to do, and they went on making attempts, I cried so much that morning, and I was wondering what I’d have done if something would have happened to Michele, and how Daniele would have got on without his farther, anyway I’m ashamed of myself, but for the first time I felt abandoned, and I thought that maybe my Angel didn’t exist, believe me, I was immediately sorry for what I had said, anyway I left my house feeling troubled and anxious, I don’t know why the radio I used to listen to every day was off, seeing that it switches on automatically on starting my car, after a few kilometres, I lifted the volume up on purpose, believe me I don’t usually listen to Radio Maria, or better I never do, besides being tuned on that radio station, I found a song that went on repeating “many trials and arrows will arrive, but they won’t do a damn with our Lord’s Angels’ help”.

Believe me, suddenly I started to cry, and I asked to be forgiven for having doubted, and for my lack of sureness, with that song I found the answers to my questions of what I kept on wondering, a week later the hiccups regressed on their own, and they said it was all because of the cicatrisation of the wound due to the operation, he underwent the month before, I think there are no doubts.

I hope you’ll have some time to listen to this new experience of mine that happened about ten years ago, you know, Sara, it was such a long time since I asked my Angel His name, I know it at last and seeing that I’m stubborn He told me it, and confirmed it many times. Yesterday too, I have always asked Him to communicate with me in my dreams, but owing to the fact the I’ve got a twenty-two year old baby, and he often wakes up in the night, although I’ve got the clear feeling that He’s told me something I can’t remember, anyway I woke up, I went to work, and in my mind there was the name Luca, among the many people I know there are very few people with that name; I went to work and an agent called Luca came along but I didn’t start to suspect anything yet, then I got a phone call from the president of the club, and guess his name Luca, so I asked Him if he wanted to tell me that His name was Luca, my colleague came and spoke about a certain Luca, at that point you can’t imagine how excited I was, so still not being convinced, I asked Him for another confirmation, I work in a restaurant, at 10 pm, I was almost ready to clear up and close the restaurant Luca D rang up and asked if he could come and dine with three other people, you see, as I got to the bar to fetch some water, the lights at the entrance went off, every time I think of that I get the creeps, immediately I started skipping and laughing my head off, I laughed so much and thanked our Lord to have entrusted me to a such patient Angel, on Mondays when I come out of the dentist’s I always pop into church to greet God and I took a look on the reading desk and I wonder why I found the name Luca.

I really thank you for having read my mail, maybe with three cups of coffee to finish with, excuse me for having written a long letter, but it’s to explain how wonderful it has been, and now that I call His name it’s even greater, did you get my greetings from your Angel by chance?, I may be mad, but I have often asked my Angel to tell yours to give you my greetings, believe me, although I don’t know you, I feel a lot of affection for a special person like you, thank you Sara.

A sweet hug and a big kiss from my puppy that is waking up … Mary

Angels Experiences with Guardian Angels the Discovery Presence Help

Angels Experiences with Guardian Angels

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