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Witnesses of Guardian Angels my Angel

Angels Witnesses of Guardian Angels my Angel on the passenger’s seat

Witnesses of Guardian Angels my Angel : hi Sara, good morning, excuse me for disturbing you at lunch time, I have to tell you about something that makes my heart burst with joy. I’ve found my Guardian Angel, I have found out His name, I have been so blind!

It was Him or Her, who knows? That when I was little had held my arm in the middle of the night, and it was still my Angel I saw one day on the passenger’s side, before my motorbike crashed into a car. This is very funny story.

I was going to work on my motorbike, the road was straight, only a few meters ahead there was a crossroads with a stop, where the car coming from the opposite direction could turn right into a side street.

I went straight on my path (he was to give way to me!) and so at a few metres in front of me, a grey car blocked my way!

It would have passed without damaging my car, if a man hadn’t crossed the road, and as to not run him over, it had to “stop” in the middle of the lane!

I braked, but the impact on the passenger’s side could have been avoided.

Then this happened in a second: I noticed a “beautiful” woman with blond hair and such blue eyes staring at me sitting on the passenger’s seat!

“O my God! If I don’t’ steer I’ll bump into her!!” I thought!

So I steered fast on the left going on staring at that lady with really marvelous blue eyes.

I should have looked in front of me, but I couldn’t stop staring at her.


I fell on the ground. My motorbike fell only on top of my leg, I felt like standing up, because I was feeling well, but a car of police constables not far from there, told me to stay where I was, until the ambulance came.

I went into hospital, with the police constables and my relatives around me, the friend of the man who had caused the accident too.

In the meantime I minuted everything to the constables, even about the lady on the passenger’s seat.

“How’s the lady?” I asked the man

“I don’t know. I wasn’t in the car. My employer’s coming” He replies.

I had had an accident with a very important agent of a pharmaceutical house.

I couldn’t stop thinking about that lady, I was afraid I had frightened her, and a very nice lady constable said that she’d have searched out for the man of the accident to ask him.

A very annoyed man come along at last who after a : “How do you feel?” said to me: “ They have took off some points on my driving license!!”

A raised my arms felling a bit shocked… I didn’t do the violation.

“How’s your wife?” I asked, remembering those lovely blue eyes that kept on looking at me, while I was crashing into the car.

“Wife?” he went looking stiff.

“The woman next to you!” I replied “That beautiful blond woman with those blue eyes…!”

“There wasn’t anyone in my car. I was on my own!”

Everyone stopped and stared at me, the constables, him, my father-in-law…Only my mother-in-law took hold of my hand and said. “Don’t worry…” She made me see she understood me!

I had seen her! I had really seen her!!

It took me some time to understand the whole thing

It was the same person I saw when I was little and she still appears today…

I have had strong discomforts, She gave me her energy without reserve. Now I know it! I‘m sure. There’s someone who has seen her for me, and has confirmed my feelings.

Her name’s Emanuel.

Her face is like a young girl’s. It’s so nice, and very sweet. She’s got very strong energy . She makes me feel giddy, when I’m ill, and She passes me Her energy.

Do you feel, my dear sweet Sara, a breeze, pins and needles on your head? Pressures on your face or on you lips?.

They are our Angels! They caress us and they always support us. What a lot of sweetness from Heaven!! Oh yes! God is really wonderful!


Angels Witnesses of Guardian Angels my Angel on the passenger’s seat

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