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Guardian Angel a Dream a precious Lesson

Guardian Angel a Dream a precious Lesson of Life about suspicion

Guardian Angel a Dream a precious Lesson : dear Sara, I’m Antonella, I had a dream from my Guardian Angel with a precious lesson, I share with you, it’s been some time since we haven’t had news form one another; during all this time my Angel contact has become stronger, sometimes it seems that I get across life as if you cross Heaven on a pair of wings, really absurd and joyful coincidences, that sometimes make me wonder if I’m really worthy.

I could tell you about premonitory dreams about Pope Wojtyla, of Angel conversations, of answers that I don’t know where they come from or how they come, but it’s true that sometime it’s difficult to apply the great truths that was are given from life and from our relationships with other people, because many places where people consider themselves near God aren’t willing to free exchanges of ideas, but they consider that a menace to themselves, and because our little fears are limited, but the great thing is that we can do something for them.

Regarding to that I’ll tell you about Paul, my Guardian Angel’s great present, last night I dreamt I was back to my Secondary school, and that a classmate who I couldn’t ever stand, locked me with someone I don’t know in the gym. I was very angry I was shouting behind the bars, but mostly I was nervous because of that blond stranger who could have certainly harmed me, because they could have agreed on it, I doubted about his good intentions, while I was looking at him.

At a certain point, when I asked him “who are you?”, “what are you going to do to me?”, my eyes opened, and I saw Him with an aura of light round Him, He said to me “I’m the friend of your life, I’m Paul.”

If you have dreamt or seen your Angel, you’ll perfectly understand what I felt, my heart jumped out of my chest, a mixture of infinitive joy, joy for having “found” someone who you love so profoundly since ever, suddenly after His words He disappeared, feeling maybe the rest of my worries, I was desperate.

So I thought of my behaviour, of having doubted about Him not knowing him, of how our suspicion towards our neighbour is wrong. It’s had to trust when you have been deceived too many times but the past grief mustn’t preclude the chance of starting again, to meet some “presence of an Angel” that really loves us.

So I prayed to Him with all my heart to let me show him that I wasn’t afraid anymore, and that I wanted to meet him again, so He did, appearing this time like a woman.

That night my Paul made me become joyful to see Him, it was something I asked him in my prayers some day before and he wanted to give me a great lesson, “although you have suffered, open up your heart, welcome people into your life with the same joy and love that you’d feel meeting me; welcome them as if those people were me”, I love you, Paul.

See you soon,

Guardian Angel a Dream a precious Lesson of Life about suspicion are phrases of yours Antonella

Guardian Angel a Dream a precious Lesson of Life about suspicion

Guardian Angel a Dream a precious Lesson

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