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Angel after Death meaningful Contacts

An Angel after Death meaningful Contacts in Dreams Recalls meaningful

Angel after Death meaningful Contacts : hi dear Sara, I’m Hilary and I wanted to tell you about my experiences, an Angel after death, a meaningful contacts in dreams; they have got anything to do with my contact with my Guardian Angel, I’m trying to establish it but I’m just getting started and I think I’ve got a long way to go yet, I think it’s mostly about “dreams”; when I was a little girl, about my grandfather Giulio, my mother’s father, who I was very fond of, and who died suffering of lung cancer when I was six.

This is a very long mail and I’ll divide it to let you read it easily, don’t worry for your answer, don’t feel obliged, it’s sufficient to know that you’ll read it, I know you’ll be able to give it the fight value and I like witnessing, although what I’m going to write is very sensitive per me, and only a few of my relatives know about it.

The most meaningful and moving experience is the one I had a few months after his death, I was with my parents at our house at the seaside, a little two floor chalet that my grandfather had bought, he was very fond of it, when he was still alive and strong, he used to take me for long rides on his bicycle with him on the seat on the handlebars; one evening my parents rearranged the furniture in the sitting room on the bottom floor, while I was sleeping in my room on the upper floor, I dreamt that my grandfather with angel wings was coming to fetch me, and held me in his arms to go and fly with him, over the town, I remember the lights I saw from above, as if I were on a plane, I saw another Angel too, he was holding another old man, looking puzzled in his arms!, I remember this dream very clearly and those great, white, soft wings full of beautiful great feathers.

After that flight we went back home, and before leaving me my grandfather took me around the house, as soon as I woke up I got up and I dashed to the side table in my bedroom to draw my dream, to tell my parents, I drew my grandfather with wings, and me in his arms flying in the sitting room.

My parents were really surprised, I had drawn the furniture just like they had arranged it while I was sleeping that I couldn’t had seen yet as soon as I woke up!, that drawing is still well kept with a frame, it’s very precious for my mum, was it only a dream?, I don’t know


A few days after his death I went back to school, I was attending my first year at Junior School, that day we were going to draw, and I refused to do anything, going on crying thinking that I wouldn’t have found my grandfather leaving school that day, that night I felt being shaken while I was sleeping, and I heard a voice, my grandfather’s calling me, I woke up, I opened my eyes and I saw him leaning over me, with al almost dazzling light around him, I saw two great wings on his shoulders, he was wearing his glasses too, he took them off, and kept looking at me without smiling or speaking but it was as if through his expression, he wanted me to know that he was well; after an instant I startled being surprised, when I realized that he was like a shining Angel even with wings, in the meantime he disappeared, I don’t know if it was only a dream, or if I had really seen him, but after that night I was more peaceful, as if he were still in my life, I woke up laughing and in fact it was morning already, time to get up!


I hadn’t dreamt of her for years, until during my teens, I was attending my Secondary School, one morning, just before waking up to go to school, I heard grandpa Giulio’s voice call me, he said firmly e stressing well the words “dear Hilary pray for antie Emidia” I had a doubt, I thought “Emilia or Emidia?” but he went on repeating like an answer “Auntie EMIDIA, EmiDIA pray for auntie EMIDIA”, it seemed as if he had at heart my understanding and obeying him, doing what he has asked me to; I had never heard of this aunt, I asked my mother if we had any Emidia, any aunt Emidia in our family “sure, auntie Emidia was your grandfather’s dear cousin, when you were born, she always cuddled you and you liked her“, so I told her about my dream, and my mother was moved, she simply told me to pray for her, we couldn’t know the reason of the request, but we had to obey.

Are you still awake at this point of my mail?, I don’t think they are simple dreams, if they had been dreams, they have been meaningful contacts from him. I’m sure, thank you for having read my letter, I hope I’ll be able to tell you soon something about my Guardian Angel, who I’m trying to meet, his name and his aspect but I’m just at the beginning of it, I’ll let you know if you like, and I assure you I won’t send you these poems anymore; thank you very much again for being patient and for your availability of which I don’t want to impose on, and I assume taking for granted, I respect and I esteem you very much, a big hug to you Sara!

An Angel after Death meaningful Contacts in Dreams Recalls meaningful are words of Hilary

An Angel after Death meaningful Contacts in Dreams Recalls meaningful

An Angel after Death meaningful Contacts

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