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Angels the Support of an Angel in Sadness

Angels the Support of an Angel in Sadness and in Distress of Death

Angels the Support of an Angel in Sadness : my dear Sara Luce, Lucia’s witness that you have published has made me fell like telling you about my personal experience that dates back to only three days ago, the day of my only, tender, beloved granny’s funeral.

I have to foresay that my granny was a hundred years old. She departed silently without an illness, without pain, without a whimper with a the gentleness with which she lived throughout her life. Rationally you can’t ask for anything more. Anyway it was a blow for me emotionally speaking.

At the beginning I couldn’t even go into  the house. I was stuck. I felt a if I had a dagger in my heart when I read her name on the placard. At last, clinging to my father, I was able to go into the room where her open coffin was. I cried, certainly, but I had this feeling that my grandma wasn’t inside it. It was as if inside there was only her dress, not her. She wasn’t there at that time. I clearly felt that. She was already Home.

The funeral was hard to get through. But I asked my Angel to help me. It was the first time I asked Him for some help. As if he was really next to me, and not an entity God knows where in Heaven. I asked for help to not be overwhelmed by sadness and anxiety. Well, I had always had the feeling that the coffin was empty, and I managed to attend to the final part. The hardest one. The last farewell. With a smile of hope on her lips.

A kiss to my grandma, a kiss to my Angel, a big hug to you, to who I must thank very much..


Angels the Support of an Angel in Sadness and in Distress of Death

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