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Angels and sexual Harassment on Children

Angels and sexual Harassment on Children an Angel’s Cure witness

Angels and sexual Harassment on Children : good morning to you all from Sara Luce, I have found it very hard to find the words to introduce this very important witness, because like you, I wouldn’t want things you are going to read to happen; we feel great grief when a little child is subjected to violence or sexual harassment, many in grief cry to Heaven “why, why do you allow that?” but Heaven has handed Earth into our hands; we have to choose the path of Love, Heaven can’t oblige, It can’t impede it; it lives in grief and then cures in Love.

This is the first time I choose not to use the name of the person who has spoke about her witness, as to let her voce be the children’s one.

Hi everybody I was convinced that my Angel had come to me in the last few years of my life, that is after the loss of my beloved, but He has denied everything, taking me back in time, letting me live again some instances of my past, and specifying his presence since I was a child, in fact I want to tell you about this witness of mine.

I was nine and it was Summer, I used to love to go on the swings, disobeying my mother who didn’t want me to go out before she came back from work, I went to the park near my house, I was happy, the swing was completely mine, then a man dressed up as a postman came up to me, and found an excuse that he was looking for my mother, and that I had to take him to my house, I was disappointed, but I took him to my house, obviously once we got on the stairs of my house, I realized he wasn’t a real postman.

I lived in a building with twelve families in it, but by chance nobody came down then, there was only me, him and my fear, he harassed me, but at a certain point, I freed myself from those hands, and I ran home, since then I have been the same person was before, my father mustn’t have got to know about it because it was a shame, for months I spent sleepless nights, crying under my sheets.

At night I was frightened, better still, I was terrified, I was alone, I cried tucked up under my blankets, and every time there was me and him, I needed some help, I was physically ill too, because I couldn’t sleep, but they gave me camomile, without understanding that it wasn’t what I needed, so I started to speak on my own with God, I wanted Him to take me away from that fear, many mornings my mother found me sleeping on a red armchair in another room, but I couldn’t explain how I got there, I wouldn’t have got up from my bed in the dark.

After a short time fear suddenly disappeared too, and I slowly started to live a normal life again, now I have understood that it was my Angel who used to put me on that armchair, I don’t know how, but he put me there, I feel so sorry for that man, maybe I’ve forgiven him, I don’t know!, I’d like to embrace that “me” child, and tell her that it wasn’t her fault, and that she wasn’t alone, her Angel was with her, and thanks to Him she had been able to start to fly high again on the swing, and be happy.

A kiss to everyone

Angels and sexual Harassment on Children an Angel’s Cure witness

Angels and sexual Harassment on Children

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