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Angels Time has stopped a Feeling before

Angels Time has stopped a Feeling before the Perception Testimonies of Angels

Angels Time has stopped a Feeling before : hi, Sara, I thank you both, you and your Guardian Angel, for everything you do for us; it‘s nice to know that we aren’t alone and that you can tell someone about certain things without being teased.

I’m sending you this mail, because I remembered this morning.

My husband, my daughter and I had moved to a new house on the fourth floor of a bit old building a short time ago … and I kept on telling my husband that I had to put a net on the balconies, because they were dangerous, especially one of them.

One day I was waiting for him with my daughter on that balcony, because I had to give him something, and seeing that we haven’t got a lift, let’s say I had to throw it to him.

In the meantime my neighbour across the road looked outside, and we started talking, while I was always keeping an eye on my child.

My husband came along, my daughter, being thrilled, leaned through the bars, and got stuck! I tried to pull her out, but it was no use, but I couldn’t let go of her arm!...I couldn’t get her back … Then suddenly, it was as if I had a felling that time has stopped … I can’t explain that, but a strange felling, it wasn’t fear, on the other hand … I only know that I thought: “She went out from here, and she’s going to come back from here.” I don’t know how I managed, but I did this…I leaned her completely out then I pull her back in, and she passed through … as by magic … Now I’m sure I wasn’t alone … that Angels have always helped me, and they’ll always do … and I’m very grateful for that.

My books about Angels are always more. I feel I have found my right path … My new conscience is helping me to live better, to find my happiness, and my family’s too. Now we feel stronger.!!

A big hug to you Sara Luce


Angels Time has stopped a Feeling before the Perception Testimonies of Angels

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