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Angels looking like Dad to save me

Angels looking like Dad to save me from serious Danger testimonies

Angels looking like Dad to save me : dear Sara, if I find the right words tonight, I want to do it; I want to tell you about this episode of my infancy; I know my family is very protected, I have had a great figure of my paternal grandmother who unfortunately I have never met; they say she was a good, humble woman, suffering for her health, and a great believer, she had been able to save my Dad’s life with her prayers; when my father was little, he was paralyzed from meningitis, the doctors had given up, but this is another marvelous tale of life.

I feel my Angel near me, a sweet and watchful presence, he spoke to me through strangers too. One day when I was little, I was playing in the garden opposite our house.. At a certain point I looked at my cat playing with what I thought, being simple-minded, was a worm, I looked at it for a bit, and being one who’s for animal rights, and I still am, I decided to save the poor little beast. I went near it, and my father passed by, dressed as a mechanic, that he was, and he asked me what I was doing; I told him. Immediately he said “That’s not a worm, but a sort of little poisonous viper. I remember he was close, and treaded on the poisonous animal, leaving it there printed on the ground. Everything simply ended at that point.

In the evening, at dinner I tell my mother about the episode. My mother looks at me, sitting opposite me says: “What are you saying?” Obviously thinking of a childish imagination. We went out into the garden and that horrible animal was still spread there where my Guardian Angel had treaded on him before it bit me.


Angels looking like Dad to save me from serious Danger testimonies

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