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Suffering from Alzheimer Disease My father

Suffering from Alzheimer Disease My father helped by his Guardian Angel

Suffering from Alzheimer Disease My father : dear readers, my name‘s Emilia Garbicz and I have to tell you about my experience of a Guardian Angel, the proof of the great protection and presence of my father’s Guardian Angel; some years ago when my father was alive, I have had a great proof of the existence of his Guardian Angel: my farther was suffering from Alzheimer, I must say that I’m an only daughter, it isn’t easy to cope on your own with a beloved one suffering from this illness.

One day when I went to my father’s, all my hopes fell, I was so angry, that I got angry with his Guardian Angel too, and I said. “Where are you? Can’t you see I’m on my own, and that I can’t cope with it. People say that there are Guardian Angels who help, but I’m alone and I don’t get any help!”

About three days later I received His answer: I went to my father’s and I found him sitting on the floor, (he had fallen), he had the sink and its  stand on his leg. As soon as I saw him I thought he had broken his leg.

I was sure I had to take him to the X- ray ward, but instead, when I went to his house the following morning, I found him walking in the house, as if nothing had happened.

Some day later I remembered of what I had said to his Guardian Angel.

I thought of His greatness, and on how He proved me that although I didn’t see Him, He was there with all His might.

So this is to tell you that we must never doubt about Angels’ presence, because we don’t always see them, but they are there!

Believe me, although I have said that I am sorry to my father’s Angel, I can’t believe that he has forgiven me for what I have said to Him. I hope to get a sign regarding that.

Respect Guardian Angels!

A hug to you all, Emilia Garbicz.

Suffering from Alzheimer Disease My father helped by his Guardian Angel

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