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Beyond the Life of our dear Animals

Beyond the Life of our dear Animals a witness of the Presence of Love

Beyond the Life of our dear Animals : since I was little I have always love all sorts of animals, because I can have very special relationships owing to the fact that I have always believed that they can see beyond our body, they can clearly see our Soul! In other words as soon as I found out I was expecting a baby, I bought a puppy at once so my son could grow loving and respecting animals.

Kicca has never been a toy for him … you could tell by the fact that she always adored him. If he was ill, she stayed near him with that devotion and unconditional love that only animals have. Kicca has delighted us for fourteen years during which she has been like a “daughter” for me and my husband, a sister for my son … and all the other little animals that have filled our house. Although we cured Kicca lovingly, she died in my arms three years ago at home, owing to a sudden illness.

I believe there’s something BEYOND … it’s proved by the fact that I feel as if she’s in the house; I notice that my other two puppies act as they usually did when she was here seeing she was the oldest! My house is on two floors. There’s a wooden floor on the stairs and on the first floor and so when the dogs walk you can hear it especially their nails taping on the floor. She used to go up the stairs in a particular way. Owing to her age, she used to go up a flight of steps, stopped for a second recovering her breath and then she started off onto the second flight again, tapping her nails on the floor up to my night table where she used to stop to be lifted on the bed to say good morning to me and my husband. … well, I think it’s useless to say that every now and then we hear her unmistakable “going up the stairs” still now… she knows how important she has been for us and how much we have loved her … and so every now and then she comes to greet us!

I think that the love animals show us unconditionally, is more similar to pure Love that Angels give us than ours (as humans). Please excuse me if I have annoyed you, but I sincerely wanted to share this with you. Congratulation for your site. It’s really special.


Beyond the Life of our dear Animals a witness of the Presence of Love

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