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Appearance of Angels Image little Angels

An Appearance of Angels An Image Two little Angels floating in the air

Appearance of Angels Image little Angels : hi everybody, I’m still incredulous but sure of what I saw, the appearance of Angels Image little Angels, I had this experience about five years ago; demoralized, dismayed, discouraged and sad, I wasn’t having a great time; I had lost my trust in everyone; first I approached Faith, I started to pray and I understood that Jesus would have listened to my prayers too, although I’m not a good example; so I started to pray, asking for help and at work I received a Gospel from a customer who came there by chance, the signs were there, so I started to be more trustful.

My father became ill, I found the picture of Our Lady of Consolation, who offers consolation and Love, being a bit skeptic I was wondering, “it is all true or is it only awesomeness?”, I said to myself that everything’s possible, but however I didn’t do anyone no harm, and if all this could have been useful to feel better, that was OK, without wondering about anything, I’d have got my answers later.

I started to pray asking God for what I wanted, I wanted everything to turn back in order as before according to my conception of order, but things weren’t getting on like I wanted them to, I had read that praying meant putting oneself in God’s hands and trusting Him, because He’s great and He goes beyond what we wish for, He has in store for us things we don’t ever conceive, we must trust Him and wait so I started to change the words in my prayers saying, “God I trust you, I place my life in Your hands and forgive me if sometimes my faith falters”, the first miracle happened when God opened up my heart and made me believe in Him.

I stopped asking for signs proving His existence, who am I to ask God to show me His existence?, with what confidence do we ask that?, so I started to trust Him, and when something important happened to me I told myself “face this thing too, ask yourself why, and you’ll get to know it slowly”.

So I became stronger and had the courage to face the trials life was giving me, and being a self-taught, and with the means I had, I started to address the events, being sure God wouldn’t have let me fall without giving me the strength to pull myself up. In my prayers I showed myself naked before God, without hiding behind a mask, being aware of my weaknesses and of my mistakes, but I knew that God accepted me even like that, because He knew that deep down my Soul was pure and even if it wasn’t, He was just there to help me.

A long time had gone by, one evening I was going through my interior course feeling sure he wouldn’t have abandoned me when I was in need, and that I could have told Him everything, one evening I was very demoralized, sad, and so on, one of those evening you wish your life would switch off at that point as not to feel anything more and end everything, well, that evening I started to pray differently from the other times, that evening I asked God to give me a sign, I asked Him to forgive me, who was I to ask such a thing? but I trusted in God’s grandeur, and I knew he would have understood; I was terribly ashamed of myself, I knew it was a lack of respect, and that what I was doing was a serious thing, but I knew He would have understood, and He wouldn’t have forgot about me. so I said: “Jesus intercede on behalf of me, I had read that that was the was to pray) tell God I’m a humble sinner, and I’m not worthy of all this, this evening she’s worn out, her Faith is wavering, and she needs a sign to see she isn’t alone,” I’m so sorry to say that to God, I knew I was doing something serious, but I trusted in God’s grandeur, so I asked for a sign, so I prayed, I wept, and I fell asleep being a bit worried about what I had asked, but I knew God would have understood what I meant.

The headboard of my bed was wooden, suddenly while I was sleeping I heard someone knocking persistently and very hard right on the headboard. I thought it was my parents, thinking something had happened, I immediately opened my eyes and They were just there right before me; two little Angels floating in the air, they were two tender and cute children, I don’t know if they were male or female, their faces were leaning on their crossed arms, and their heads were leaning like someone who’s watching over someone with infinitive tenderness; a real, true image, so that I was scared. Immediately I went under the bedclothes, then when I realized I shouldn’t have been afraid, I put my head out, but They had disappeared, I regret having hidden instead of having enjoyed more Their presence.


An Appearance of Angels An Image Two little Angels floating in the air

Appearance of Angels Image little Angels

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