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Angels Intervention and Prayer to the Virgin

Angels Intervention and a Prayer to the Virgin Mary a Witnessing
Angels Intervention and Prayer to the Virgin : my dear Sara, I was thinking of you this morning and I felt like writing to you; I was thinking of you because I wanted to tell you that everything’s OK except a bit of depression my husband had but seems to be quite normal, in fact a little trip to Italy was enough and just like magic my husband recovered; I was out with our dog and I was thinking of you and I was thinking; “I’ll write to her apologizing for not having written for all these weeks and to tell her that it seems as if silence is ruling from every point of view for now”, I got home with all these emotions, but behold, I got a surprise!
You must know that every morning I do things automatically, such as making the beds, I lift the blankets, the sheets, I take the pillows away, I spread the sheets well and I let the bed freshen up all morning long.
Underneath the pillows I keep a prayer to the Virgin Mary, you know, one of those prayers they give you in Church, a man gave it to me a long time ago, and that one day Morice, my dog, torn into three pieces that I recovered, and that I now keep jealously, I don’t know why, but I can’t get to sleep if they aren’t there, and so every morning when I make the beds I put them on my night table.
Today, a day like any other one, I did the same things taking some more time to tidy up, clean, dust and hover our bedroom, and in the afternoon when my husband told me that he was going to have a rest I dashed to make the bed and to my great surprise and dismay, I didn’t find the prayer, better still the pieces of that prayer and knowing me, my husband helped me look for them unsuccessfully.
I must say that this morning when I finished doing the housework I went into the attic to fetch the two cherubs, a present my friend’s father gave me, because he made them and which I accepted very willingly, so I got the two little Angels and I put them on my husband’s night table as to remind him to hang them above our bed on the wall.
The moral, after having looked everywhere in our bedroom, I don’t know why my husband got hold of the two cherubs, and guess what he found underneath??????, the prayer was just there.
Sara, believe me every time these things happen, I feel like mad, because I always try to give an explanation and to tell myself that it was a distraction or that I imagined seeing things or hearing them.
A few minutes ago, before starting to write, I switched the TV on and they were interviewing an actress by a specific question “do you believe in Angels?”.
A hug, Julia
Angels Intervention and a Prayer to the Virgin Mary a Witnessing
Angels Intervention and a Prayer to the Virgin
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