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Angel An Angel's Guidance through Trouble

Angel An Angel’s Guidance through Trouble and Anxiousness Sweet Love
Angel An Angel’s Guidance through Trouble : hi Sara, since I first got on your Site, I’m trying to contact my Angel; I still can’t establish a genuine contact with Him or Her, but I think I’ve had some signs of His/Her presence.
A few days ago I went to Rome from Sardinia for a job. I was worried about the journey, here the weather in Sardinia was terrible, and I was supposed to leave at 4.30 a.m. to get on time at the airport, so I asked my Angel to help me during the journey and the stopover, although it was a few hours at Rome.
The car journey I was so worried about went on very well, there wasn’t even a drop of rain both outward and return journeys. Although I was told that it had rained all day long. Something incredible happened in Rome! At the end of my job meeting I needed to take a taxi to get back to the airport. I had some time left so I decided to walk to find the taxi area.
So I asked my Angel to guide me. I started to walk without a destination (I don’t know Rome), but I hoped to find something. I got to a Square that I didn’t like at all, the people I saw walking about didn’t seem trustworthy. So I decided to take a side lane. I went on walking there a bit worried, because they weren’t busy streets and I didn’t know exactly where I was heading to. I asked my Angel for help again. I went on walking without any idea of where I was. Changing directions according to how I felt at certain time. Suddenly, with no hope to find a taxi, I realized that I was in the square that I didn’t like … I took a look around and I surprisingly realized that it was a taxi area!!!
I sincerely thanked my Angel, and I hope that the day I’ll hear his/her name will come soon!
A hug, Daniela
Angel An Angel’s Guidance through Trouble and Anxiousness Sweet Love
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