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Evoking the Guardian Angel

Evoking the Guardian Angel My Guardian Angel Help during Grief
Evoking the Guardian Angel : my dear, sweet Sara Luce, immediately back from my holiday, and before yours, I hope, I want to tell you about the help I got from my Guardian Angel just yesterday, after evoking my Guardian Angel.
I don’t know how, but since this morning I woke up with a headache, thank God, I don’t suffer from headaches, I usually have some coffee and any pain’s gone, instead yesterday morning there was no cure that worked, coffee, tablets, fresh air, nothing could help me and the pain grew.
I felt it in my eye, it felt like a drill piercing my orbit, just like a drill that goes on and off was the pain was of dense becoming stronger and lasting, between one dense and another I felt completely ill; feeling and being sick, extreme restlessness and omen of death, I don’t know if it was worse facing the dense in my eye or the shocking feeling all over my body.
I was in a hotel room, my husband was looking after our little son going up and down the room and advising me to rest but I couldn’t, I couldn’t find any position to rest and so fall asleep, I went on turning and tossing in the bed without resting, troubled by a pain and discomfort I had never felt before, I tried to pray but my memory was confused and I couldn’t clearly remember the words,it was as if it was impossible for me to concentrate even only to remember a known prayer.
So I evoked my Guardian Angel, spontaneously I started to repeat out loud ceaselessly “now my Angel is going to make me fall asleep”
I felt Him come, he certainly had always been there, but when I started to rest, I felt His graceful being, be there.
Fast, feeling a gradual relax that let me have e new experience of “feeling” the pain, I still had a headache, while the general illness was disappearing, but it was as if that body was feeling that great pain wasn’t mine, better still that I wasn’t in it anymore, as I was saying, fast, but I fell asleep smoothly.
After a few hours, when I woke up, I had no headache anymore, this memory and the desire to tell you about it now remained vivid! but I remember it very clearly and I wanted to tell everyone.
A dear embrace to you and I thank all the Guardian Angels! a special kiss full of love to my Guardian Angel!
Evoking the Guardian Angel My Guardian Angel Help during Grief are phrases of Livia
Evoking the Guardian Angel My Guardian Angel Help during Grief
Evoking the Guardian Angel
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