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My Tax Return Help by a Guardian Angel

My Tax Return Help by a Guardian Angel Witnessing
My Tax Return Help by a Guardian Angel : we’re in tax return time, at the beginning of this year my husband changed his accountant, I have always followed his accounts, along with mine; I have always kept his records and documents; on Friday evening his new accountant, rang me up at home to say that he couldn’t find the book of “assets in depreciation”; immediately I became anxious, because the book of the assets is a tax book; it’s hard to back to all previous recordings without it, and because I’m a very exact person, I wondered how come it wasn’t among the documents and the logs that Massimo had delivered to the new studio; I wondered where it could have been, so I phoned the former accountant to see if it was still at their study and they said that it didn’t seem so, but they’d have looked better and then ring me up; in fact they called me back and said that they had looked for it, but it just wasn’t there.
I told Massimo to see if he remembered if he had put it somewhere in particular, seeing that we have created an office area at home recently, but it didn’t. I started searching: all over the house, among the documents of the past years, I looked in my office among the documents, but I couldn’t find it
So I thought “the only thing I can do is ask my Angel for help”, my Angel’s got a name, it’s my daughter’s and husband’s name but while my daughter already speaks like me, my husband smiles and thinks that I’m playing and joking.
I prayed my Guardian Angel to make me find Massimo’s log, while I went on looking for it, then I wondered how could He do it seeing it’s not there, I had looked everywhere, He couldn’t just make it appear, so as a last resort I phoned the former accountant, thinking “you never know”, although they had already told me that it wasn’t in their office; this time one of the employee said “yes, I think I’ve got it”, she went to take a look among her documents and then came back to the phone and said “it’s here”, I thanked my Guardian Angel! Maybe it was a coincidence or good luck, I thanked my Guardian Angel anyway, I’m sure He exists and if He exists I can’t be stupidly sure that it was only by chance.
A hug
My Tax Return Help by a Guardian Angel Witnessing are phrases of Irene
My Tax Return Help by a Guardian Angel
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