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Guardian Angel A Communication with Guardian

Guardian Angel A Communication with my Guardian Angel Signs
Guardian Angel A Communication with Guardian : dear Sara, I’m Letizia, thank you for your reply, in fact you’ll surely have lots of witnessing to read on your Site; I only want to bring you up-to-date, telling you that now I can get in contact with my Angel and now He appears everywhere; I couldn’t live without Him anymore, he sends me messages in my dreams (statues, or pictures of Angels, feathers that form wings on the floor, feathers flying on top of me or wings fluttering behind my back and I have even dreamt of my Angel speaking to me and showing me my son’s and my real essence of Spirit; it was incredible because I perceived life in another perspective, and I have felt that material values aren’t important anymore and that my essence and Tommy’s were purely spiritual), moreover He sends me more than a message during the day.
Once, It was a long time since I heard from Him, and I was sorry about that, I was walking and turning into the usual street I go along when I go and attend a course, suddenly I felt a power that told me to turn into another street and after having asked my Friend to make me feel him I ended up opposite a lovely sign with “Angel” written on it.
His appearances are different, for example one evening I went to a library where there are no books (or better where there weren’t any books until about five months ago) on spirituality, moreover, it’s a little library and I had a feeling that I would have felt my Angel, I turned around and I read the title of a book, “An Angel’s always next to you”, moreover feathers started to flutter a bit everywhere, and while I was going to work, an heron flew above my car, inter alia, I remember one day I was afraid I was going to be late, and so I accelerated, I saw the heron, and I felt an inner voice telling me “go slow, you’ll get there on time”, in fact, I got there on time.
Having seen these herons on my way to work, was a sign from Him saying Good Morning and I’m sure of that, because He made me understand that he likes such a name while I was at school one morning, teaching in a new class, I suddenly turned around and I read on a poster “Angel” and next to it there was a drawing or an heron.
One last thing, one day I was a bit upset, because of nasty personal matters that bring out emotions of resentment, I asked my love to help me overcome the evil in my heart, while I was going to the bar, I fell a force that made me turn right and I get to a advertising board, there was a sheet with Abbé Pierre’s sentence that my Angel wanted me to read to make me think about my anger, I read that life is a period during which we must learn to love!, anyway I feel my Angel next to me and I hope he doesn’t stop making me sense His presence because He’s the only unconditioned and not jealous love I’ve got, moreover, I often feel shivers behind my back and cool puffs on my face even when everything’s closed.
And then, to tell the truth, this is for me and for all of those who are starting to read certain texts and Sites like yours, it’s our Angels who make us end up there, not our curiosity; thank you for your Site and for the witnesses I have read and that have made me shed tears of joy.
A hug
Although nobody could be interested and although I’m not Giacomo Leopardi, anyway I’d like to share a thought that I have dedicated to my Angel with those who love Angels
“dear Angel, to you who are with me since my birth and are with me in the hard and although fascinating journey of life, I have only now become aware of you and your Love.
From today I fell that I can learn how to love myself and others, help myself and others, understand myself and others; with the help of your powerful presence of Love you teach me that what mankind considers trivial, or just a detail, in fact can’t be neglected, because behind the slightest thing there’s the greatness of life.
Thank you because everything’s better since I have understood that your Love is in everything that characterizes my life; in fact, now I can feel you in everything, I sense you in a dull sky, I perceive you in a falling leaf, I fell your embracement in the blowing wind, I feel your kiss in a sunbeam, I notice your face when I see a child smile, I admire you seeing the harmonious flight of an heron.
From today on, being aware of such a special Friend that you are, I hope I learn to love like you do, and I hope to make useful choices for my Soul.
From today on, I feel alive because I know that every heart beat of mine meets and will meet a shutter of your wings until the end.
Thank you
Guardian Angel A Communication with my Guardian Angel Signs are phrases of Letizia
Guardian Angel A Communication with my Guardian
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