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When I met my Guardian Angel

When I met my Guardian Angel A Guardian Angel’s present
When I met my Guardian Angel : my dear Sara, I was astonished having read your wonderful witnessing. I’m a believer, I have had many wonderful experiences, although I have suffered a lot during my life; many years ago I said a “strange” prayer to Our Lord, in memory of my childhood’s liveliness; I was a little girl just like many others, rather obedient, but very lively, and I started to think over, as you say, the “strange coincidences that have saved my life ”so one evening I thanked God for having given me my Guardian Angel from the bottom of my heart. I said that I was glad to always have an Angel by my side who always got me “out of trouble”; I finished my prayer declaring solemnly that my Angel must have surely been very beautiful, one of the most beautiful, following up God’s one naturally!
God must have surely liked that prayer, the fact is that three months later, while I was ending up rebelling against God, (my sweet mother had died a few days before) I met my Guardian Angel; I had been to Arezzo, Italy, a town nearby where I live, to bring my daughter home, because she caught the wrong train (another circumstance and another coincidence) and she couldn’t get off at the town we live in. She didn’t have her mobile with her and “someone” in the train, without her asking for it, offered her his/her cellular to ask me to go and fetch her at the station, so I got there a few minutes earlier and I started to walk towards the station, after having parked my car.
On the platform I met a rather “strange” guy, dressed in a simple but clean way, he was wearing blue jeans and a white t-shirt of a known brand (as not to advertise - the one with a crocodile), and simple white canvas shoes, seeing it was June, so what was strange about that? nothing, but he came up to me singing, as if he was mocking me, I moved away, and I went on walking towards the station, my daughter was waiting at the entrance of the station, after a hasty hug we both starting walking towards the car but the man who had came up to me before was still there, unceremoniously He took my daughter’s arms and mine, me on one side and my daughter on the other, I still can’t understand how I didn’t react badly in front of such a thing, seeing that I’m even a courageous and hasty woman! It was as if I were subdued.
He said some important things belonging to my life, no one else could have known if not God Himself or my Angel, I called Our Lady “my Mother” and they were the only words my daughter heard, although she was very close to me. Later I understood why, I didn’t connected that the Mother was Our Lady, and it was my daughter who explained it to me, before leaving me, he made me recognize him, saying, I was stunned and I couldn’t react, when I got over being surprised, He had disappeared.
Once back home I started to pray, and I asked God explicitly, if I had ever met my Angel, God confirmed everything. Sending me on the Bible saying “the blessed things are Angels!”
Since then I have got a joyful heart and I’m sure that what God wrote on the Bible, is true! life after life too! you can publish my writing if you like, maybe some doubtful chap could convert.
I’m sending you a “virtual” hug and I want you to know that I admire you because of everything you do!
When I met my Guardian Angel A Guardian Angel’s present are phrases of Marcella
When I met my Guardian Angel
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