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Guardian Angel's games Presence in Happiness

Angel A Guardian Angel’s games Presence in Happiness Confirmation
Guardian Angel’s games Presence in Happiness : hello, my name’s Victoria and I live in Rome Italy, today I tell you about Guardian Angel’s games; I believe in Angels since yesterday, after many messages I have got it at last.
It all began about twelve years ago when I was expecting my little Andrew, a baby dyslexic, but so good, sweet and nice, I was on my own in the old house in Fiano where we used to live, sitting outside of the French window, suddenly I saw the wooden puff, a sort of cylinder stool, roll around the room in various directions and I smiled imaging a little Angel playing, and I still remember that with joy.
One day in the same house Andrew, who was walking with his walker and I were in the kitchen, suddenly I heard a voice, a male voice, I think, saying loudly his name, but we were the only ones in the house and he couldn’t talk yet!, later we moved to Rome and some days before the famous earthquake that destroyed Aquila, that people felt in Rome too, Andrew, Irma, the lady who gives me a hand in my house, and the dogs were at home, they heard a voice calling loudly Andrea, the dogs baked loud at the door, and both my little boy and Irma heard it clearly but they were the only ones in the house!!!
Yesterday Andew and I were in our car going to buy a Halloween costume and we didn’t know exactly where to go, we had been told to go to a certain place, and we were going into via Cola Di Rienzo, Andrew reads and asked me what was lead in petrol; suddenly the radio turned on and said something about lead, I shuddered, Andrew opened his eyes wide and I started laughing saying that it was his Angel who wanted to play, and so we started switching off the radio and He turned it on many times, then we turned the volume down and He turned it up, fantastic, then we asked Him where the shop was and the song on the radio said “half a kilometer!!!”, when we got there He turned the radio on and off twice then it was all over.
What can I say??? please help me understand how to use this gift we’ve got, I’m happy and smiling while I’m writing to you.
Thank you.
See you soon, bye
Angel A Guardian Angel’s games Presence in Happiness Confirmation are phrases of Victoria
Angel A Guardian Angel’s games Presence in Happiness
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