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Angels Exist The reassurance of a Guardian

Angels Exist The reassurance of a Guardian Angel Witnessing
Angels Exist The reassurance of a Guardian : sometimes when we are downhearted we cannot go on, we need some backing up, we need some hope in our heart, we need to feel Love and a sweet character in our life giving us that glamour, read what Alessio says
I found this Site by chance, I was looking for something completely different and here I am. Maybe this is due to my invisible friend, I don’t know. I’m a true believer! (I’m an underage, but I have got clear ideas), and I have always liked reading these sort of things that witness the presence of our Guardian Angels and I’d like to tell you about what happened to me some months ago.
You must know that I’m not a clever student: I attend high school, but I’m not very committed to school, indeed, I have played truant many times. It was the end of the year and as usual, I hadn’t gone to school because I hadn’t studied. It was at least the thirtieth time that I did it in that year and of course I knew I was risking a lot. So you can imagine how I felt: very down and sad. Not knowing what to do, I went into a Church near my school and I attended to the Mass. When I went out I wasn’t joyful, as one should be coming out of a Church, but I was more downhearted that before, because I felt that I had disappointed God.
Outside the Church I bumped into a young lady who was going into the Church. We said hallo and she smiled at me, although I didn’t know her. I smiled at her too, feeling very uneasy. So she said to me: “Excuse me, can I give you a kiss? You know, sometimes we all need one.” So still smiling, she kissed me on the cheek. Then she went into the Church and since then I have never seen her again. The strange thing is that since then I felt suddenly relieved and since that day I have studied everything I didn’t in the past, being told I could pass onto the following year! Immediately I realized that an Angel had helped me and I’d like to thank Her from the bottom of my heart. I don’t know if you’ll read this mail, I don’t know if anyone will read it, The important thing is that whoever passes by, realizes that Angels exist and I’m one of the many witnesses. A big kiss!!!
Angels Exist The reassurance of a Guardian Angel Witnessing are phrases of Alessio
Angels Exist The reassurance of a Guardian Angel Witnessing
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