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I have Seen my Angel Story

I have Seen my Angel the Story of a Meeting
I have Seen my Angel the Story : yes, I have seen my Angel and this is my story, hallo, mrs. Sara Luce, I’m Silvia and I’m eighteen; I’m reading everything that has to do with Angels on your Site, because I’m very interested in them, and I’d like to ask you, well, to tell the truth, moreover, I’d like to tell you about my experience.
I think I have seen my Angel, an evening a year ago, my parents left for a two day - holiday, and I stayed at home. In the evening, seeing that I didn’t want to stay on my own, I called on my friend, asking her to sleep at my house, she came and we saw a film, chatted a bit, and then we went to bed.
I remember very well, I was awake really, I wasn’t sleeping, I remember that that figure, I think it was a female figure, because she had a pony tail, but it was completely dark, that is, I could distinguish the outline of her body: her hands, her face, the pony tail, her legs, all of her body, they were dark, really dark, but all surrounded by a blue light, she was amazing, just incredible but I didn’t feel joy like you, but peacefulness, I wasn’t frightened or something like that, I was calm.
I remember that this presence, this Angel, had come from my parents’ bedroom (which is right opposite mine) and came into mine, it went near my desk and it seemed as if it looked at my mobile on it, my friend was sleeping in the second bed near mine then the Angel turned towards me and looked at me but I couldn’t see the outlines of Her eyes, nose or mouth, really nothing, it was dark, I could distinguish the outline of Her body with that blue light.
Then she went away as She came, going out of the room and disappearing in the corridor, not a word, not a sensation, only peacefulness.
I must admit I was a bit afraid to stay alone at home although I had three dogs, and now I have got only two more, I was calm, I know that at that time I was thinking about my parents and I couldn’t get to sleep, that’s why I was awake.
I’m a Christian, but I must admit I don’t attend Church very much, that is, I only go to Church on holidays, but I love going in even only for five minutes, to feel the peace reigning inside, I know it’s a place where you pray, but it’s where I can speak with someone who can listen to me, who doesn’t criticize what I have done, God, Jesus and Our Lady.
I have Seen my Angel Story of a Meeting are phrases of Silvia
I have Seen my Angel Story
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