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Stories of Guardian Angels

Stories of Guardian Angels Delicacy in an Angel’s Voice and Touch
Stories of Guardian Angels : hallo Sara, I share with you my stories of Guardian Angels, I have just finished reading the witnessed on your site and I have decided to tell you about an experience of mine, I had many years ago when I was a little girl, twelve-thirteen, to know what you think about it; the people I told it to have kidded me, saying it’s only imagination and I‘d like to know what you think about it.
I was living in a flat with my parents, school had ended a few days before, my father was at work and my mother was out shopping; it was rather early in the morning 9 and 30, I used to love sleeping till late on my summer holidays.
I was sleeping in my room, when suddenly something wakes me up, it was as if someone had sat on the edge of my bed, I really felt the mattress go down as if there was some sort of weight next to me, I woke up, but I didn’t open my eyes, at first I thought I had imagined it, I turn over in my bed onto my stomach; but I was awake; after a bit I heard a voice, it seemed as if it came from somewhere near me; a light-hearted laughter and it said some words that I can’t remember clearly it was something like “come on, get up”, the sound was sweet, I couldn’t’ recognize the voice, neither if it was male or female, surely nobody I knew, at first I didn’t know what to do, but I must admit, I wasn’t scared.
Then I felt the mattress rise as if the weight on it had disappeared and I heard another laughter, this time it was fainter, as if it were going away.
I thought it could have been my cousin, some year younger than me, who often came to my house to play and it was him who had called me, so I got up mumbling as if he were there, but when I got to the sitting room I realized that there was nobody, I went around the house and I was alone, the door was closed, my mother had gone out a long time before around about eight o’clock shopping, I was surprised a bit, I think about that voice and of how I could have heard it; the TV and the radio were off.
On the kitchen table I found something I was fond of and if I hadn’t got up my mother would have given it to my next-door-neighbour as if it were old paper.
I don’t know who’s voice it was. I have never heard it again.
But sometimes I still wonder who’s it was, because those feelings were too strong and true to be only imagination.
A hug
Stories of Guardian Angels Delicacy in an Angel’s Voice and Touch are phrases of Sasy
Stories of Guardian Angels
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