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True Stories About The Presence Of Angels

True Stories About The Presence Of Angels A Vision Of An Angel in God’s Hands
True Stories About The Presence Of Angels : the witness you are going to read today tell us about the presences of Angels and are true stories, this witness comes from the email exchange between Anna and Mimma; two wonderful experiences that Anna has kept in her heart and that has decided to share with all of us today.
From Anna
Dear Mimma, I have decided at last to write about what has happened to me, I think it’s right to let other people know our stories to help who’s in the same situation, I have been encouraged by the stories you publish, real stories about presences of Angels, I don’t know if you remember that last May my mother died, but before going away she left me a priceless treasure, a wonderful message.
Two years ago I was having a series of endless problems with my family, problems that were lasting since some years and I was fed up exhausted, one evening, feeling down and out, after having said my prayers, I spoke to God for the first time, as if He were a friend, I was angry and I asked Him why He wasn’t helping me, why, although I was trying to please Him, behaving well, and with faith in my heart, he wasn’t helping me, I asked Him to send me a sign.
The next morning my mother told me about a dream she had, she told me she dreamt of God and Our Lady going for a walk and I was between them, suddenly God sat down with Our Lady on a bench and he told me to sit down between them, then He said to me “I’m holding your hand” while he was doing so.
I embraced my mother, crying, thinking that Our Lord had used her, a very good woman with a great faith, to give me a reply and mostly the strength to still be faithful, she, who had been in bed for two years seriously ill.
A week later, one after another, like knots that come undone, very surprisingly, I saw my problems dissolve as if by magic, since that day I still go on thanking Our Lord, asking Him to forgive me for having doubted about His help for some instances, I have understood thanks to this experience of mine that each one of us has got a cross to bear, for some that cross is light, for others it’s heavier; you even grow this way to get nearer to Our Lord, I thank Him every day, not only for having helped me with my material problems, but mostly for having made me see that he’s always there for me.
Thank you Mimma, a hug, Anna
From Mimma
This witness is wonderful, if it’s ok for you I’ll pass it to Sara so if she considers it appropriate, she’ll publish it on her Site, what do you think about that? or I’ll see what she thinks about it, it’s wonderful and sweet, my treasure, let me know.
From, Anna
Yes, of course I agree, and I’d be happy if Sara would publish it, I wanted to speak to you about this jewel of mine since long ago, but I didn’t have the courage and it's another episode that happened a few days after that dream about my mother, it’s another episode I keep in my heart; one day while I was talking with my mother and we were looking at one another, suddenly I saw her astonished gaze, not looking at me anymore, she was looking as if there were someone behind me, instinctively I turned around to see what she was looking at, but there was nothing that could attract her attention that way, I asked her what she was looking at and the first time she didn’t answer, as if she were fascinated by something really wonderful, then I asked her again and she said she saw an Angel behind me and lots of light, an Angel looking at me, holding a chalice and smiling, believe me Mimma, I can’t express how happy I felt then, because I understood that something was going on, my mother wasn’t mad and I immediately believed what she said; two signs of a greatness in a few days coming from up there for me, the following week my troubles started to disappear.
I managed to finally write these things that I have kept inside of me, a bit because I didn’t have the courage, as I said, and a bit, because I thought they were personal things I had to keep for myself, I thought it was right to transmit these wonderful experience, so after various hesitations I have succeeded; don’t worry, Mimma speak about it with Sara, and whatever you both decide, will be the right decision.
A hug
True Stories About The Presence Of Angels A Vision Of An Angel in God’s Hands are words of Anna
True Stories About The Presence Of Angels
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