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Communicating With One's Own Guardian Angel

Communicating With One’s Own Guardian Angel A Journal Dedicated To My Angel
Communicating With One’s Own Guardian Angel : my dear Sara I speack about communicating with one’s own Angel, with one’s own Guardian Angel, I’m sending you a very big hug and I’m taking the liberty to inform you and others about my further, other, wonderful confirmation of my Guardian Angel’s presence; I’ve started to write a journal, only dedicated to my Angel, after having been advised on how to communicate with one’s Angel.
I write, speak, share with him almost every day, and I interact with Him. I must say that He’s a psychological help, and He let’s me externalize my thoughts and mostly my problems that in this period are really a lot and very serious.
While I’m writing, I’m passing from one thing to another. I pray for that man who died, or for that dear friend who’s ill, asking for help for my job or protection for my little girl.
To tell the truth I have never really asked direct questions until yesterday, when I got the idea of putting together a group of people who wanted to meet, to speak about their problems, transmit what I have learnt, and possibly exchange advice, ideas, readings and so on, making available my daughter’s gym hall, for free obviously. I thought it was a good idea, selfless, but at the same time ambitious, egocentric, besides the thousands of problems I’ve got, I felt cocky and inept to a thing like that and so I asked: “Do you think it’s a good idea? What do you think about it? Achievable?”
I started to meditate and relax … nothing … I couldn’t feel nor hear anything, no inner voice, no thoughts.
In the meantime I was listening to some background music and after relaxing for about ten minutes, I decided to stop and I changed the song starting from the first one in Italian.
What a great, amazing surprise. You wouldn’t guess the words I heard. They were direct, all to me …
Ornella Vanoni’s Details (song Dettagli - Details), I have never hear in all my life or anyway ever hear the words:
I’m writing only a few lines not to go on too long, but I assure you that each word has got an important meaning, but mostly referring to all that I have wrote on those pages:
It’s useless to try to forget … for a long time in your life you’ll look for … such little details that you … aren’t ready to understand yet …
But what counts anyway is to say it’s us …
…and there is no happiness without mistakes, … and if you make love with someone do it without speaking … because if you say my name to someone else, you’re wrong ... not everyone likes to hear about someone who’s not there … they are details that show that you’re thinking about me … by dint of details your changing and you can notice that already … a little sparkle makes a great fire … your love can’t end like that …
You see!!! It’s fantastic!!! And I was able to play the whole song. I feel very strong and I hope that many people like me, will be able to feel all this … I’d like to do something, being a sparkle!!!
A big, big hug and thanks for being among us
Communicating With One’s Own Guardian Angel A Journal Dedicated To My Angel
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