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Presence of Angels Materialization

Presence of Angels Materialization A Story Of Angels
Presence of Angels Materialization : hallo Sara, I’ve just read the latest story about presences of Angels; you know, I’ve got a story to tell you too; this one goes back to many many years ago, yet it’s an episode that I remember very well fixed in my very failing memory.
I was on holiday at my grandparents’ in Friuli Italy. I was fifteen or sixteen. At that time, as like what happens to teenagers, I went on quarrelling with adults and most of all with my grandmother who was a problem for me, she was very severe and strict. But now after such a long time, I know that what she wanted was reasonable .. but at that time, they roused sudden outbursts of rage.
It was just after one of these quarrels that one afternoon I left my grandparents’ house and I grabbed my bicycle to pedal very fast to cool down; I wasn’t only angry: I felt grief and solitude, I was sure they didn’t understand nor love me. My grandma was very strict but now I know why she appeared cool , that’s something else I won’t talk about as to respect my grand mother.
Anyway I was pedaling like mad and I think that on my face the feelings that were drilling my heart were passing on my face like on a screen at the cinema. When I reached the next town something strange happened.
Someone was just passing next to me on the roadside. It was an adult, I couldn’t say his age, he may have been about fifty, black straight hair and decorously dressed like a farmer. The strange thing was that he was walking along a provincial road, while men at his age at that time used to go along that road on bicycles. While he was coming towards me, he looked at me straight in my eyes and said: “ Go to Church and speak with Our Lady.” His voice was calm and sweet, but very still. I remember he spoke in Italian, while at that time everyone used to speak in dialect and if they did spoke in Italian, you could notice a typical accent.
I thought that meeting that person was strange. In the meantime I was pedaling fast while that man took all this time to say that sentence ever so slowly. I was so uneasy, that I felt the impulse to stop and turn back to look at him. … this happened immediately, he had continued to walk for ten or twenty metres ... he had disappeared ... he wasn’t there anymore!
There were no gates , nor side roads on the side of the provincial road where I was and where that man should have been, neither on the other side … and even if he had crossed the road, I should have seen him while crossing as I turned back … but he wasn’t there anymore!
A bit further from where I stopped there was the village Church. I went in and prayed for a long time. I cried a lot, but I received lots and lots of comfort from that prayer. When I left the Church I went back to my grandparents’ with a peaceful heart.
Some time later I read about a French writer, I’m sorry I can’t remember his name, a great agnostic who said that once he was in a pub, plunged in his thoughts, the waiter brought him his coffee and a copy of Saint Augustine’s Confessions. When he had finished drinking his coffee and went to the counter to pay, he asked where the waiter who gave him the book was to give it back to him … but nobody of the staff corresponded to his description. The ex great agnostic said that since then he believed in Angels’ presences. And me too after having read that I started to consider differently what had happened to me: I thought that man was an Angel and even during the following years, having read about that writer in that pub, it didn’t seem by chance, probably because otherwise it would have been very clear to me what had happened! I would have surely considered that thing strange, but since that episode I think that Angels materialize … I don’t think I would have understood that by myself!
Since then thinking of having been part of the superior’s world attention, I started to research in spirituality, and I still do.
Patrizia, along with a sweet gratefulness to Angels’ presences.
Presence of Angels Materialization A Story Of Angels
Presence of Angels Materialization
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