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Signs Of Life After Death A Girl's Love

Signs Of Life After Death A Girl’s Love Who Today Is In Heaven
Signs Of Life After Death A Girl’s Love : today I have decided to present you this witnessing, this letter Livia has sent me and to Francesca; livia lost her tiny baby Angela and in her great desperation at that time, that we can imagine, she started to read books on the hereafter and study metaphony; doing this, she can have contacts with her child, hear her speak and sing cute little songs again; thank God!
Very courageously Livia and her husband have tried to have another child even hoping that Angela could have another chance of coming down on Earth again, but Heaven had another idea, so a new Soul went into that little body that was forming: his name’s Valerio. Angela has got another heart to look after and besides her mother and father. Angela, a sweet little Angel who is always there. Now read Livia’s words. A hug to everyone of you from Sara Luce.
Dear Sara Luce, dear Francesca, my very dear friends, excuse me for not having written to you for a long time, but Valerio fills up every single day, instant, beat of me and in my little spare time, I’m very busy working and most of all starting off with a herbalist shop for humans and animals. (OH YES!!! GREAT NEWS!!!) and I can’t get a minute to tell you what I should about the wonderful ways my little girl finds every day to let us feel her presence in our lives.
Today, after having seen Sara Luce’s video you published on fb about Love that goes beyond, well I felt I had to send you at least one of my witnessing about the extraordinary things that happen in my life, thanks to my little Angela.
As you remember, this Summer, when Valerio was only five months, he was recovered in reserved prognosis at the Bambin Gesù Hospital. Imagine how worried I was. I was out of my wits. I used to spend most part of the day and night praying our Lord to heal him. I practically couldn’t sleep anymore. I was holding Valerio and I kept looking at him, I was really distressed. The following night at hospital, I pleaded my little girl to help her little brother, to recommend him to Saint Raffael, our Lord’s medicine, to heal him.
Suddenly in the dark and silence, my hair on my shoulder went behind it as if someone had moved my hair. Touch was very sweet, exiting, and moving ... Immediately I understood it was an Angel’s touch. My little girl’s wonderful caress.
A bit later my husband phoned me and I told him about this sweet sign I received, saying that Angela had caressed me. (In a lullaby we sing to Valerio you say: “ She was caressing her little brother, she leaves a feather near him.” Of course I doubted a bit thinking I had imagined it, rational mind doesn’t keep quiet very easily.
My husband, feeling relieved by this sign that we thought was positive, said goodnight to me, putting his mobile in his back pocket, saying we would have phoned back early the following morning.
But only an hour later, my husband, being very exiting and not able to believe it, called me on the phone, telling me that when he took his phone out of his pocket, he found a very strange message on our mobile chat and that the message was miraculous, because it was a sequence of letters he didn’t understand, they didn’t make sense, but the last word did, the word was “Caress”
I don’t know if I can explain what I felt and how incredible it was, now that I’m writing!!! It was really her. Really her near us.
Now I’m going to tell you what happened last January on Valerio’s 1st birthday.
You must know that Ivano Fossati is the singer – songwriter who always has to do with our love story (between my husband and I). On our wedding anniversary, the year Angela died, we received tickets for Ivano Fossati’s concert he held at Rome from her. (In such a strange way, that I’m not going to explain now). The following year, on our wedding anniversary, the radio in our car switched on “automatically” and the song was “our” soundtrack … another present from Angela to her parents. We weren’t surprised, anyway (that’s not true, we were very surprised!!!) when on our son’s first birthday, at the end of a day full of emotions, having felt fast asleep in his cot, when we switched the TV on, (strangely enough, because we don’t watch it much) there was a special programme about Ivano Fossati!!! How nice, so she was with us too, as usual!!! We were very happy. Just then Fazio (a TV presenter was speaking, and when Fossati started singing, he sang a song that wasn’t our (soundtrack). I was a bit surprised maybe because I was expecting a present for us.!!! I was expecting our song!!! I sang Fossati’s lovely song being a bit “disappointed” and only towards the middle of the song, repeating the refrain, I realized the miracle … I burst out crying … I tried to explain to my husband … “Do you realize?” I said to him. “Do you understand this song???”    
He looked at me, but didn’t understand ... but I had understood at last, and my tears kept on flooding out. He said: “ It’s not our song!”
When I calmed down, I said: “Of course it isn’t our song!!! It’s not our anniversary. It’s our second son’s birthday.!!! It’s her little brother’s birthday!!!”
My husband still didn’t understand.
I went on repeating the title of the song and looking at him … and saw tears flooding out of his eyes … tears of disbelief, happiness and gratitude. … do you know what song Fossati was singing for our little boy on behalf of his little sister??? … A very sweet song called “MY BROTHER, LOOKING AT THE WORLD!!!”
I get goose pimples every time I think of that!!!
Now listen to this:
In January I was in my herbalist shop with my cousin, my partner in this new adventure and I’m happy about that.
That day we were deciding whether to buy the herbalist shop or not. We wanted to really buy it, but the accountant went on telling us to not to, owing to economic matters ... After a long negotiation, we decided to buy it. We were standing around the counter of the shop toasting with green tea. We were happy, worried and even a bit scared.
We needed a sign in our hearts that would have made us feel peaceful.
While we were at our cheers my cellular rang. (strangely enough because it doesn’t work there), the number was unknown, I wasn’t sure if I should have answered or not, then I decided to see who it was.
“Hello?” I said
A sweet female voice says on the other side of the line:
I became pale. I shivered.
The voice repeated:
Becoming as white as a cloth I said: “No, I’m Livia, really.”
“Oh sorry, I’m wrong 
But me and my cousin know there was no mistake. She was there to cheer with us, to tell us that: “Everything was alright!!!”
Well now I’m going to tidy my kitchen up, I’m sending you a great big hug and I’ll always think of you.
Let’s pray for one another!
Signs Of Life After Death A Girl’s Love Who Today Is In Heaven are the words from Livia
Signs Of Life After Death A Girl’s Love Who Today Is In Heaven
Signs Of Life After Death A Girl’s Love
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