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Heaven Is Real Help From Heaven Providence Witnesses

Heaven Is Real Help From Heaven Providence Witnesses
Hello my dear, I have just seen the video about that woman who lost her husband in the accident. I want to tell you that a similar thing happened to me too. Last October I found myself in a situation with no way out. I found out that my pension had been suspended because of bureaucratic errors, and at home there was a damage: when it rains, it gets into my basement. The basement is the hobby room.
I had to call some workers to get it repaired. I couldn’t wait any longer, because it would have rained more the following days. I was out of money and I didn’t know what to do. Not knowing who to ask money for I asked Heaven to help me. The work finished on 10th Dec. In the meantime I started to get my pension again. ( I get 720 Euros) I’ve got a thirty year old son and I didn’t want to seem worried. I tried to give him some hope. Well at least I tried to!
On the 20th Dec. My brother in-law came to see me telling me that my mother-in-law wanted to divide an amount of money among her children. My debt was 4500 Euros. Do you know how much I should have had (my husband, really)? 5000 Euros
They are always near us and they help us continuously. This is a little witnessing, but an everyday reality.
Thank you and I’d like to shout to the whole world that our beloved ones are near us and if they aren’t, there’s Providence that never abandons us anyway.
You must only have Faith and believe that we are never alone.
A big hug
Title   Heaven Is Real Help From Heaven Providence Witnesses
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