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My Guardian Angel Witness Testimonial

My Guardian Angel Witness Testimonial My Angel Mechanic
My Guardian Angel Witness Testimonial : hello my dearest Sara, after the Easter vacation and my personal vacation I can finally tell you about what happened during Easter Monday; if I ever had any lingering doubts about being protected by my Angels, what I am about to tell you will eliminate them completely and forever.
So: the other day a friend calls me, she is recently divorced, and she asked if I wanted to join her for a day trip over to Martignano Lake Italy. I did not really feel like it (so many people there, the traffic on the drive back, the wish to just stay at home) but given the person that was asking me (she went through a lot but she is always ready for a laugh) and the beautiful day, I did go, we left early in the afternoon.
The road to get there is horrible: unpaved, dusty, full of pot holes. But it’s worth it: at the end of the little uphill stretch, once you get to the parking lot, there is a fantastic belvedere where you can see two lakes, lake Bracciano and lake Martignano, and so much green, fortunately much of it still wild green. Between a chat and the other, between laughter and serious discussions, we spent a wonderful afternoon, until the evening almost took us with it. So we return to the car, I turn the radio on, I put Latin-American music on (she is from Guatemala) and we are so happy and carefree that I do not even notice that my right hand side rear tire is completely flat: torn up completely!!! We drive away, blissfully ignorant, and a little while later another driver, kindly, points out the problem. During the trip we bump into another six or seven people on foot, they all look very worried and they keep warning us. We laugh it off because we do not wish for our day to be ruined by such a small thing. Small thing? I don’t think so: It’s a holiday day today, mechanics are closed today, I don’t know how to change a tire, my road car assistance has expired, if I call a tow truck it’s very expensive. What to do? We find a gas station just as the tire seemed to not be able to hold out any longer (first Angel intervention). The gas station man is extremely kind and inflates the tire for us: now it’s perfectly fine but you can hear the air coming out of the hole, and he tells me: look, only the gas stations are open, we are not equipped to change it, so drive no more than another 10 kilometers and then stop and ask for help.
Needless to tell you how it ended up: we not only arrive home at a decent hour (19:30), but the tire is still inflated after 30 Kilometers!!!
Yesterday I went to pick up the car, the tire is understandably flat, with the tear in the tire easily seen. I go to the mechanic and I tell him everything. He does not believe me. Both he and his father have been repairing tires for 30 years, he is really good at what he does so I believe him: EVEN IF INFLATED, A TIRE WITH A CUT LIKE THAT WILL NOT LAST FOR OVER 30 KILOMETERS!!!!
You must know that on the way back there was a lot of traffic and so there was even additional time for the tire to deflate. I am speechless, I had never had such powerful help from my Angel, who suddenly turned into a mechanic. Today I told this story to a couple other people who know about motors, and they all confirmed that I was just extremely lucky... so much for Angels....
But I know differently, I know it was him.
A big kiss to you and to Samuele from me and my Mechanic Angel
My Guardian Angel Witness Testimonial My Angel Mechanic are the words from Rosario
My Guardian Angel Witness Testimonial
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