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The Guardian Angels Testimonials

The Guardian Angels Testimonials In A Panic The Help Of My Guardian Angel
The Guardian Angels Testimonials : first day of vacation, the trip from Rome to the Val D’Aosta Region went very smoothly; the car had just been checked by the SMART car dealership, we had music in the car, nice conversation, and looking forward to taking some nice walks in the mountains.
Breakfast, we get dressed, as all good hikers off we go, we leave, we drive to the Bezzi refuge where we will warm up the muscles a bit. After about half a mile the car suddenly stops, we pull over a little worried. We try to start the motor again and the car starts again. Just to be on the safe side we call the SMART car dealership about it, and he told us “Don’t worry about it, go, it won’t happen again”.
So we start again, it stops a couple of other times, but then it all seems to work out perfectly well.
We drive through the town of Aosta Italy, heading for the valley. By now we don’t have much left to go, but the car has problems again.
We proceed very cautiously.
Here we are. Now we have to drive down this long and very steep downhill stretch, down at the bottom is the parking lot we are looking for, and the beginning of the trail that leads to our mountain refuge.
The car stops once again, but then it starts again and we drive on.
At this point we are very worried, because a towing truck would not be able to get here, and we don’t even know if our cell phone even had any coverage in this place.
What shall we do? We can do nothing but hope that the car will start again and take us out of there. Perhaps, when the motor cools off, there will not be any more problems. We decide to park the car and go to the refuge. We go, we eat something and then we come back, or at least that was the plan.
It is always so beautiful to trek down a familiar trail in the mountains, because it is always different, the seasons make the trail always different, this year there is still a lot of snow, what a beautiful panorama!
When we got back our minds started thinking again about the “what ifs...”... If the car starts again, we will not have any problems.
The motor starts, it drives about a meter and then it stops. We try dozens of times, it starts, one meter, then it stops. Panic. We need to drive up a very steep ramp, about half a mile long. Should we call the mechanic, but he would not know what to tell us, he might have us call another mechanic and then the two mechanics could talk to one another ... It’s all very well, but how on earth do we manage to get out of here?
”Samuele, my dear Angel, please help us, help us get out of here”, this is how my desperation and my plea for help began. The car drives one meter again, well, if it means driving the entire uphill stretch one meter at the time, with the car jumping like a frog, I will do that. “Samuele, Samuele, we are stuck here, please get us out of here, push, push this car, what are we going to do? It’s impossible” and this is how, as I speak desperately with my Angel, I look on to the ramp that still awaits me. I have to try, must go, and my voice becomes stronger and stronger “Samuele, Samuele, I beg you, please help us, get us out of here. I put my foot on the accelerator and even my voice picks up speed “Samuele, Samuele”. The car moves, a meter, two, three, now the uphill part begins, “Push, push Samuele, please, I beg you, take us out of here” I was pleading like a crazed woman, with my foot on the accelerator, the car was driving uphill and Angela, protruding from the window, was laughing her head off, she had never seen me like this, she never heard me beg Samuele in such a way. She was laughing, I was begging Samuele and the car was driving “come on, we are half way through the hill, come on my Love, push, push, pleeease, get us out of here”. And the car was going uphill without stopping, slowly, but at least it was going. And so we conquered a few meters, and the end of the ramp was becoming closer and closer and I was speaking with even more energy “Samuele, please, get us out, we are almost there, push, you are almost done, come on, come on, a little more Samuele”. A few more meters were conquered. We reached the end of the ramp. The car stops. The eyes look ahead, the road is still uphill, so I start again with my pleads “Samuele, a little more, take us to the downhill part, we are not completely out of trouble yet, please try again my Love, push, push, get us out of here”. I start the car again, I accelerate both the car and my voice. Up, up, the car proceeds, up some more, there, down there is the belvedere, from there it’s all downhill. “Come on Samuele, a little more, we are almost there, push a little more”. Here is the belvedere, our salvation, the car stops, but from here, using the gears, like my father taught me, I can drive all the way to the bottom of the valley and there is the main road. And this is what I did, and we arrived.
I don’t know if Samuele was really pushing the car, or if He used energy to do that, all I Know is that he got us out of there. I have a wonderful Angel, don’t you think? Yes, truly wonderful, wonderful just like all Angels actually.
A sweet embrace
The Guardian Angels Testimonials In A Panic The Help Of My Guardian Angel are the words from Sara Luce
The Guardian Angels Testimonials
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